A Stopover in Slovakia

On our drive from Kraków to Budapest, we drove through the Slovakian countryside onwards to the city of Banská Bystrica.As we walked from the drop off point to the main square, I immediately noticed the pastel-colored buildings that gave charm to the city. Compared to the cities we visited prior to this one, there were less tourists and the people seemed to be more laid-back. It was a nice break after coming from two of the biggest cities in Austria and Poland, respectively.

Our time in the city was rather short and the places we got to see were limited to the area surrounding the main square. Since it was lunch time by the time we arrived, we were given about an hour to get a bite before getting on the coach once again to head to Budapest.Several restaurants surrounded the main square and we chose Central Caffe, wherein they had free Wifi (I was like a vulture while on the trip searching for and feeding off every WiFi network I could connect to) and a relaxing view, pictured below.The food wasn’t a letdown either, while my friends had Spaghetti with Ketchup and Chicken with Cheese, I had the Cheese Risotto. Visiting Banská Bystrica was a delightful trip, although I wish we had more time; but I’d love to see more of Slovakia one day – Bratislava, perhaps? Hope I get to see more of this charming little country the next time I visit.