Have You Heard of Liège?

The city of Liège was never on my must-visit cities, but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go to the city by the Meuse River. I was previously told that the architecture in Liège-Guillemins, the city’s main train station, is magnificent and as soon as my feet touched the platform, I was amazed. CNN even named it as part of 11 of the World’s Most Amazing Train Stations. The walk through the city onwards to my destination was very enjoyable. It was a great break from all the tourist-filled cities I visited prior to this one. I honestly did not expect Liège to be this gorgeous. And the river that flows through it makes it even more stunning. 
To reach my destination, Médiacité, it took me forty minutes by foot and a sneaky stop at this fast food restaurant to feed off the Wifi to activate my GPS. Note: You can use GoogleMaps even if you’re offline as long as you loaded your destination and the route onto the map while you were online.Given that my previous job was in the mall industry, when I saw a list that indicated a certain mall in Belgium as one of the most beautiful in the world, I knew I had to go; and that was the very reason why I decided to go to Liège, while Maxime was in Brussels for his internship. It was solely for Médiacité, named as one of the most beautiful malls in the world. True enough, the mall’s architecture is one of a kind, which was one thing I noticed throughout the whole city, world-class architecture.After walking through the mall and buying a few things here and there, I had late lunch at La Croisette, which had a sign saying, ‘Free Wifi.’ Of course, the leech that I am made me decide on La Croisette among the many restaurant options I had. I ordered Pavé de Boeuf, which was delicious! Steak was my favorite dish while I was in Europe; well, anywhere in the world, actually. To add to that, the best fries I’ve had to date was paired with my steak. And the service was impeccable; although I could only understand and speak so much French, the waiter made an effort to converse with me despite the fact that he wasn’t well-versed in English. I was so happy with the service I left a big tip and a note thanking them for the great food and even better service.The walk back from Médiacité to Liège-Guillemins was yet another forty-minute walk, but was fantastic, nonetheless. The city was rather quiet, peaceful, and relaxing, given that I had spent the last few days in busy, busy Brussels.

While I was walking through this area, I felt like I was in New York again; one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, to be exact, with low-rise buildings and greeneries all around, but way less people in sight. I waited for about half an hour for my train to arrive, but it gave me the chance to explore more of the train station, which was exquisite in every architectural aspect. Just like every other city I visited in Belgium, Liège was gorgeous. As mentioned earlier, I didn’t expect it to be this beautiful and I’m so glad my interest in malls brought me to a city this lovely.