Restaurant Review: La Vache Sur Le Toit

On my last night in Belgium, Maxime and his family took me to La Vache Sur Le Toit, which translates to Cow on the Roof, a restaurant that specializes in steak; the family knows how much I love steak.First, we had apéritif, the best champagne I’ve had to date, I believe. The ambience was rather perfect for a dinner this special.  Each of us ordered Filet Mignon, served with fries and salad, together with our choice of sauce.

And of course, the star of the night: the steak. As usual, I asked that mine be cooked medium rare. It was divine. Each bite was oozing with juices and flavor, as it came very close to the best steak I’ve had so far, which was from Cru Steakhouse in Marriott Hotel Manila. To this day, I dream of going back to Belgium and having this divine dish once more.I skipped dessert, since I finished everything on my plate and had barely any space in my stomach for it; but the desserts ordered by the family were beautifully-plated, hence, the photos.  Dining in La Vache Sur Le Toit with Maxime and his family was definitely the best way to spend my last night in Belgium before heading to Paris. The food was divine, the service was impeccable, but it was definitely the company that made the night perfect.