Restaurant Review: Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine

While searching for which restaurants not to miss out on while in Hanoi, I came across Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine countless times; so while my Dad and I were in the city for his birthday, we gave it a go. Located on the top two floors of one of the buildings between the Old Quarter and Hoàn Kiem Lake, is this culinary gem that remains on my list of favorite restaurants in the world. Welcomed by one of the receptionists downstairs, we were led up to the restaurant and as soon as I got a glimpse of the interiors, I knew we were in for a treat.Modern architecture intertwined with pieces that hold true to Vietnamese history made the place even more welcoming. We were handed the menu on Do paper, made from the bark of the Do tree.One of the best things that Cau Go could give you that no other restaurant in the area can is probably the view overlooking Hoàn Kiem Lake. The restaurant’s staff and their service are also two of the many other things this restaurant can boast about. Impressed as I already was with the view, the service and the interiors, I was afraid that the food might not match the standards set by the aforementioned factors; but as we spent each second enjoying all that the restaurant had to offer, I was getting more and more excited for the food.The staff was so welcoming that it was the restaurant manager himself, Bobby Sarcia, who took our orders. And to add to that, we found out he was Filipino too! It truly is always a delight to see your fellow countrymen in foreign places.

Having been greeted with one good thing after another, I was anticipating whether or not the quality of the dishes they served were of same standards. As soon as the dishes we ordered were served, the aroma of Vietnamese cuisine filled our table. And as for its quality, let’s just say that as soon as the plates were presented to us, I completely and unfortunately forgot to take note of the names of the dishes we ordered and how much each one was. These spring rolls were one of my favorites, though:The dishes pictured below comprise only half of what we ordered and the bill was just around 700,000VND – not more than 1500PHP / 35USD! I was surprised by how reasonably priced everything was given the quality of every aspect of the restaurant.Capping off the fantastic meal , we were toured by Mr. Bobby Sarcia, the restaurant manager, up to the sixth floor, which the restaurant also occupies and is also the top floor of the building.The staircase leading up to the sixth was cleverly designed, doubling as a mini-wine cellar. If the weather permits, there is outdoor seating for those who’d like to get a better view of the city while having exquisite Vietnamese dishes.Evident as it was throughout this post and in the title, Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine is a must-visit when in the Vietnamese capital. I cannot stress enough how you must not miss out on the opportunity to try this fantastic restaurant, as featured on Top 5 Things To See in Hanoi.Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine
7 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hàng Bạc
Hoàn Kiem, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Telephone: +84 4 3926 0808