Marina Bay and the Gardens

Though I’ve been to Singapore many times, every time I go, there’s always something to look forward to. There’s always something new to see. The last trip was spent lounging around Orchard Road and a day trip to Sentosa, so this time around, I made it a point to explore Marina Bay.Gardens by the Bay first opened in 2012; its main attraction is the spectacular Supertree Grove. I spent much of the trip admiring its architectural beauty, which explains why Supertrees are the main subject in most of the photos you’ll see.My favorite part of the Gardens, however, are the bridges that give you a fantastic view of the area with the city as its backdrop.  The area is sprawling, and during this trip, time was of the essence, so I didn’t get to see as much of the Gardens as I wanted to. I was limited to the Dragon Lake and the Supertree Grove; though it was not a disappointment to be limited to such, but rather a pleasure.One of the main reasons why Singapore is the one place I frequent is because it surprises me each time I visit. Its the country’s architectural progress that amazes me endlessly. Coming from being expelled from the Malaysia Federation not more than sixty years ago and becoming a country that now produces mathematicians, scientists, corporate leaders, and so on, and continuously brings economic success surpassing many others who used to be ahead, it’s no doubt that the country offers excitement and never-ending admiration by its visitors, like me. Marina Bay exhibits all the good things Singapore has to offer. If there’s one area I had to choose that best represents the country, it would have to be this one, as its modern beauty is nothing short of spectacular.Take Marina Bay Sands for example, I doubt I’ve seen a hotel as architecturally grand as this.  The hotel’s mall counterpart, Marina Bay Shoppes, remains to be my favorite mall to date.That being said, a trip to Singapore is always a delight, and Marina Bay just makes it even more delightful, giving visitors everything one would need. I will definitely not get tired of visiting the Lion City time and time again.