Luxembourg in A Day

Have you ever heard of Luxembourg? 

This little country, bordered by its better-known neighbors: France, Germany, and Belgium, is one of the richest countries in the world. Though not known to many, this tiny European country definitely has a lot to boast about. Given that I was staying in Belgium for some time, I decided to take the train to Luxembourg and make a day out of it. Just around three hours away is Luxembourg city, housing the breathtakingly beautiful Bock cut through by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers.An easy walk from the train station is the start-off point of the Wenzel circular walk, which is suggestively the best way to explore the city. I’ve always had a fascination for freely exploring a city by foot, not exactly knowing where I’m headed; so instead of strictly following the Wenzel circular path, I wandered as I pleased.The Notre Dame was one of the first attractions that caught my eye. Though unfortunately, I was not able to see it from the inside, given that it was closed at the time of my visit; from the outside, it was simply elegant. It represented what I had yet to see later that day.

As I walked through each corner and alleyway, everywhere I looked seemed immaculately pristine. The trees were perfectly manicured, the buildings seemed to have been regularly maintained, and the roads were barely filled with cars – only a number of pedestrians were in sight. This country, in my opinion, could be the epitome of what could be a perfect world. Continuing on with my adventure, I was amazed by how such a fantastic city had barely any people roaming the streets. From my point of view, however, this added to the city’s charm.Standing as the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg is the Grand Ducal Palace, located in the middle of the town’s picturesque center. This is one of the main attractions in the city,  so it was surprising to me that still, barely any people were in sight.One turn after another made me fall in love even more with everything Luxembourg had to offer. Just walking through each road made the journey to this charming city totally worth it      Onwards I went in search for the Bock. Located in the city’s old historical district, is this wonder surrounded by rocky cliffs on three sides, seemingly sheltering all that was housed in the middle of it.Already getting a glimpse of what I was in search for, I carried on with my journey, knowing I had yet to get to the best spot for a panoramic view of the Bock; regardless of the fact that I had no idea where in the world I was going.Downhill and uphill I went, as I finally found one my favorite places in the entire world, as it gave me a holistic view of what this tiny European had to boast about. And can I just say that for a country this small, it’s more beautiful than you’d think.As I was astonished with the view and spent half an hour just sitting back, gathering what very few thoughts I had at that time given the amount of serenity I felt I was surrounded by, I realized what a good thing it was that though for only a day, I decided to give this country a go.

  One day, I hope to go back, as I always feel after having visited a spectacular place. A breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively), as I would put it, might be the best way to describe this city.

In the middle of travelling through Europe, this just might be the break you’re looking for. 

So if you ever find yourself with some extra time in Europe, make sure you don’t miss out on this little surprise.Only a train ride away from some of the biggest cities in Belgium, France, and Germany, will take you to this picturesque place that you won’t ever regret taking the time to visit.