Second Time’s the Charm

I once heard that you must travel to Italy twice:

The first, to do all the touristy things, and the second, to truly appreciate it.

Admittedly, my first visit to the Italian capital wasn’t everything I wished it would be, but the second time around was a different story.Arriving into Rome early in the day gave us a great glimpse of this city I first visited two years before, which you can read about here:

As we walked from the drop-off point to the Colosseum, I was reminded of how grand everything is in this Italian city.

Little by little, I began to appreciate how fantastic Rome truly is. 

From its bridges to the churches, the buildings and its alleyways, everything seemed to have been taken straight out of history books.Though I may not have noticed it before, during the day, Rome’s vibrancy is highlighted, as opposed to during the night, when the romantic essence of the city is emphasized. As busy as the capital of the boot-shaped country is, given that it’s filled with busloads of tourists walking the streets any time of day, it still felt so tranquil; walking the streets of Rome, with such magnificent architecture all around gave me that feeling of calmness and serenity. Two years back, I followed the age-old tradition of throwing a coin over my left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain to wish myself a safe trip back to Rome; since it seemed to have worked the first time, I found myself doing it again.Just a few meters away from Fontana di Trevi, is the historic Pantheon, whose splendor awes me to this very moment. Piazza Navona was our next stop, where we spent sundown. The Piazza boasts of neutral color on one side and of vibrant colors on the other, which blends perfectly well.  By the Piazza, you’ll find a wide array of restaurants. Luckily, my friends and I were able to find one that was incredibly cheap! For twelve Euros per person, we had a starter, a main dish (I chose Bolognese), a drink, and red wine. In Italy, it can’t get any cheaper than that; needless to say, everything was delicious!By dusk, the city lights up beautifully, making it one of the top cities to fall in love with and to fall in love in. Wrapping it up, my second visit to Rome was better than the first. And the fact that I got to make new memories with new friends made it one for the books.Though I’ve been to the Italian capital twice, I see myself going back once more. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, appreciating everything it has to offer has to be done over time.