Coron Westown Resort Tour Package: 3-Day Itinerary

Early last year, I returned to Palawan – but this time, we went to a different place: Coron, to be exact. I’d been hearing great things about this island destination and was excited to finally see it. Fortunately, one of the resorts therein offers all-inclusive packages. You can see the full package details & rates here.

For our trip, we got Package A, which is a 3-day tour inclusive of the following:

  • Roundtrip Airport Transfers
  • Complimentary Buffet Breakfast
  • Two (2) Nights Room Accommodation
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Use of Swimming Pool & Resort Facilities
  • Town Tour on A/C Van
  • One (1) Full Day Coron Island Ultimate Tour (5 Destinations) w/ Lunch
  • Entrance Fees / Services of Tour Guide / Gov’t Taxes

Tour Overview

  • Day 1: Arrival | Town Tour
  • Day 2: Coron Island Tour
  • Day 3: Departure

In a nutshell, the package offers everything you would want from a 3-day tour, save for the shopping expenses, lunch on your first and second day, and dinner for two nights. And if some of you might think 3 days and 2 nights wouldn’t be enough to enjoy Coron, let me tell you that it is. However, it would leave you wanting more, which I think would also be the case even if you decide to stay longer.

The Hotel: Westown Coron Resort

While this post will mainly focus on the itinerary of the package, let me just give you a brief overview of Westown Coron Resort. First off, it’s location is away from the town center, though there isn’t much to do there, and is only 30 minutes from the airport. To be honest, good service isn’t something you should expect – I would describe the service a point less than okay; but the itinerary makes up for this, in my opinion. The room & bath are spacious, and for our room, we had a balcony with a great view. Given that Coron is not as developed as Metro Manila as expected, Wi-Fi is intermittent. And though advertised as Wi-Fi you could access throughout the whole hotel, I could barely access it from our room on the top floor, though there is an advantage to this: having barely any Wi-Fi will allow you to enjoy the hotel’s three pools.Besides the pools, they also have the following facilities:

  • Restaurant Cafe
  • Bar & KTV Lounge
  • Business Center
  • Airline Reservations & Tour Counter at the Front Desk


Day 1: Arrival | Town Tour

As our flight arrived at 11am, we were picked up by the hotel van and arrived at Westown Coron Resort at around noon. Note that while we booked a private tour package versus the join-in group, during our transfers, we shared with other people.Given that our town tour wasn’t until 4 in the afternoon, we had more than enough time to have our first local lunch in Coron. We called for a tricycle from the hotel, which brought us to Kawayanan Grill Station, a restaurant that’s just a ten-minute tricycle ride from Westown. Needless to say, we had quite a feast, pictured below. Everything was good, and despite ordering too much for our small party of three, we finished everything.

Upon arriving back in the hotel after lunch, we stretched our legs for a bit and got ready for our Town Tour. This is when we first experienced subpar service from Westown – again, the rest of the tour made up for the poor service; while we were scheduled to leave at 4:00PM, it wasn’t until 5:00PM when we were picked up. To add insult to injury, during the full hour we spent waiting at the hotel lobby, no one from the front desk had any updates as to where the van for our tour was!

Instead of delving into the frustrating details, let’s move on with the Town Tour. Throughout the tour, we visited the following:  

  • A Souvenir Shop
  • Cashew Nut Producer
  • Coron Baywalk
  • Mt. Tapyas View Deck
  • Maquinit Hotspring

The souvenir shop we made a stop in was pretty much a small convenience store selling overpriced souvenirs, but we did enjoy purchasing a few local snacks like cashew nuts and tarts. The Maquinit Hotspring was good as well, but honestly not something I’d do again, as it felt like there were too many people.

The highlight of this Town Tour, however, would have to be Mt. Tapyas View Deck, which was a tiring 700+ climb up, but quite rewarding despite having arrived as the sun started to set. We had dinner that night back in the hotel, which you could do as well, as you’re serenaded by one of the local bands they hire that perform poolside.

Day 2: Coron Island Tour

This was definitely the day that made our trip. The Coron Island Tour is a big must when you’re in the city. After having our complimentary breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the dock where we rode our privately-hired boat to explore the Calamian Islands.A few tips before expounding on the rest of the day:

  • I highly suggest that if you can, choose to get the private tour, as we saw some of the boats with the group join-in tour and they were packed with barely any room to move
  • Bring your own life vests if you can
  • Be careful when you make the hike up and down to Kayangan Lake, as it can get slippery and steep at times, but totally worth it
  • Try not to accidentally drink water from Kayangan Lake, which I accidentally did and led me to being awfully sick for three days (LOL)
  • Get ready for a fantastic lunch by Beach 91, serving Pork Liempo, Crab, Fish, Rice, and Vegetables
  • Do try to spend more time in CYC Beach, the second to the last stop of the trip

Boat trip to Siete Pecados

This scenic boat ride will take you through the Calamian Islands and will surely be one of the best memories from your trip.Kayangan Lake

Located right by probably the most popular spot in all of Coron, you can take a refreshing swim in Kayangan Lake surrounded by limestone cliffs.Twin Lagoon

As you swim under caves, you’ll feel the shift from cold to warm water, which was quite an intriguing experience.Lunch at Beach 91

While there isn’t much to do on Beach 91 and it isn’t as scenic as the other places we visited, it was the food that was incredibly enjoyable.As aforementioned, they served an abundance of Pork Liempo, Crab, Fish, Rice, and Vegetables – all this cooked on the boat; and everything was so good! We were so excited to eat the food, that I didn’t get to take a photo before devouring it. CYC Beach

Clear blue water and fine sand – this was surely my favorite part of the day! Coral Garden

Though I don’t have photos from Corol Garden, since I only took videos, you’ll end your day tour snorkeling through the sea with the view of the Philippine corals.If it isn’t obvious enough, this day was packed with great activities and experiences, and was absolutely memorable. Later that night, we relaxed by hotel pool & spent time in our room’s balcony giving us a great view, as we felt a tad bit sad that our short trip was coming to an end.

Day 3: Departure

Scheduled to fly out at 11 in the morning, we had the last of our complimentary breakfast, spent some time by the pool, and checked-out. Heading back to the airport, I couldn’t help but think that surely, one day, we’ll have more time to spend in this gorgeous place – as I hope to see even more of this fantastic destination.


Taking everything into account and despite some setbacks & areas of improvement for the hotel’s service, this trip is a must-do. If you have yet to go to Coron, I suggest that you book that ticket now! Even if you don’t have much time, let me tell you that you’ll get a lot out of three days and nights, like we did! Don’t forget to visit Westown Coron Resort’s website for more details.