Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas – 4 Night Port Klang & Phuket Cruise Review

Cruising has somehow become an annual tradition, and this year’s trip with Royal Caribbean came early in the year – particularly in January. On-board the Voyager of the Seas, we ventured out from Singapore to Malaysia & Thailand.

The Ship: Voyager of the Seas and its Amenities

This was the first Royal Caribbean – Voyager class cruise ship I had gone on, and it is by far, the biggest ship I’ve cruised in. As impressed as I was with the Serenade, Vision, and the Grandeur, the Voyager of the Seas was far more massive and had a lot more to offer in terms of facilities and amenities.

The Promenade

Instead of having a main atrium called the Centrum as I’ve experienced in past cruises, the Voyager has the Promenade, which stands as the ship’s lobby spanning through a stretch of dining & retail options. This is where they also have themed parades, dance performances (even classes), and other forms of entertainment.

La Scala Theatre

With a seating for almost 1,400 guests, this beautifully-designed theatre sits at the edge of the ship & is home to the most dynamic and thrilling performances, which is available for audiences twice each night of the cruise.

The Casino

One of the facilities I still have yet to try while cruising are the Casinos, mainly because of my lack of luck when trying anything that involves betting, but it’s still interesting to see how the casino on the Voyager easily comes straight out of the big-league scenes in Las Vegas or Macau.

Star Lounge

Some of the ships events, such as the art action, karaoke nights & so on, are hosted herein, where you can also get some drinks and food.

Studio B

An ice skating rink on a ship? I know, I couldn’t believe it at first! It was honestly such a thrill to have found it on our first day after scouring through the halls & finding our way to Studio B. We were also fortunate enough to have caught one of the ice shows while we were on-board, and it was a fantastic hour or so watching a celebration of colors and stunts.

Fitness Center

The fitness center on the Voyager of the Seas is massive & all the equipment is fantastically-placed at that, with a gorgeous view overlooking wherever you’re sailing to.
They even have a studio for group classes & a jacuzzi inside the gym’s facilities.


Fancy some arcade games? Then look no further and head to the ship’s arcade, where some of your favorite games from the 80s or 90s coupled with today’s favorites are housed herein.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

From outdoor pools & whirlpools to table tennis facilities, a flow-rider, a rock-climbing wall, a basketball court & a jogging track, there are a multitude of outdoor activities to choose from that will surely leave you entertained on your cruising days.

Next Cruise Center

Loving your cruise so far, and can’t wait to get on the next one? Be sure to drop by the Next Cruise Center, which is available on any Royal Caribbean ship, where you can look through your options and book on the spot!

Business Center 

There’s also a business center on the ship, where you can access computers to print documents, go online for a fee, or browse through the books in the mini-library.

The Food

As always, the food on the cruise ship was absolutely fantastic, with a variety of international selections to choose from. 

Sapphire Room

Standing as the ship’s main dining room, the Sapphire Room offers sit-down meals, by which we made the most out of during dinner. The food is absolutely fantastic, with some of the dishes we tried depicted below.

Some other dining options we tried while on the ship are:

Windjammer: The ship’s complimentary buffet that is available to guests during all three meal times, offering a wide array of cuisine options.

Cafe Promenade: A complimentary snack bar where you can grab coffee, tea, pizzas, pastries, or other snacks from. It’s located right along the Promenade, which is easily accessible no matter where your room on the ship is located.

The Pig & Whistle: Also situated right along the Promenade, this Pub is a fantastic place to get a drink and relax for a bit, reminding you of those Irish Pubs back home. 

Viking Crown Lounge: During the day, the Viking Crown Lounge is one of the options where you could drink and dine, but by night, it turns into a nightclub. Since it’s situated on the top deck of the ship, it overlooks the outdoor pool area, which gives a great ambiance if you fancy a night out.

Schooner: Yet another great place to grab a drink, with fantastic interiors and windows overlooking the sea.

There are several other dining options, as listed below, which we didn’t get to try, but would love to the next time we’re there!

Johnny Rockets

Giovanni’s Table


Chops Grille
R Bar


The Itinerary

This cruise itinerary takes you from Singapore to Port Klang in Malaysia & Phuket in Thailand, experiencing a taste of Southeast Asia. It’s a great cruise sampler, with four nights on-board, allowing you to enjoy the ship’s amenities and get a glimpse of Malaysia’s capital – Kuala Lumpur and the beautiful islands of Phuket. 

DAY 1 Departure from Singapore 16:30

DAY 2 Port Klang, Malaysia 7:00-15:00

DAY 3 Phuket, Thailand 10:00-22:00

DAY 4 Cruising

DAY 5 Arrival in Singapore 8:00

The Cruising Days

While this itinerary only offers one full cruise day, you get a total of two, including departure and arrival days. Although I felt like we made the most out of what the ship offers, I wish we had a bit more time for cruise days, but that only means we’ll have to go on another cruise on-board the Voyager!

The Cruise Stops & Shore Excursions

With three cities visited in total, including the departure / arrival port, there are quite a multitude of options to choose from for excursions & things to do, so here’s my shortlist for the places we visited during this cruise:


Top Excursion Choice: Kuala Lumpur On Your OwnWhile I didn’t do a write-up for the day trip excursion we did, I highly-recommend you take the Kuala Lumpur On Your Own, so you get to roam around the city at your own pace.
Besides, majority of the main attractions are within walking-distance, which you can read about from my posts from previous trips: 

PHUKET, THAILAND Royal Caribbean’s Phang Nga Bay Day Tour from Phuket

Top Excursion Choice: Phang Nga Bay ✪

SINGAPORE  Singapore Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to See & Eat

With Singapore as its departure and arrival port, you’ll have a blast exploring the Lion City, with a ton of options for dining, drinking, sightseeing, and entertainment. Singapore remains to be my top favorite city to visit in Asia, tied with Siem Reap. As I’ve said far too many times, no matter how many times I’ve been to the city, there’s always something new to see & do.

The Service

As always, the service on the Voyager of the Seas is top-notch and never fails to impress. Not only did the crew on the ship from security to dining, other amenities, and the stateroom attendants offer great service, but so did those who led the tour excursions, definitely making the trip one to remember.



In summary, just as how I feel about every cruise with Royal Caribbean, the whole trip was absolutely fantastic, and is an itinerary & a ship I would definitely go on time & time again. So if you haven’t gone on a cruise or are looking for a next trip, then look no further and book with Royal Caribbean for an adventure of a lifetime!