Hotel Review: InterContinental St. Julian’s, Malta

Due to the pandemic, plans have come to a halt, dreams have had to be given up, and travelling is but a dream away. While it might feel like forever till we get the chance to fly to destinations we might be obsessing a little more than usual these days, it helps to reminisce about the places we’ve been fortunate enough to have seen. Each time I look back on our trip to Europe during the holidays, one of the things that made the trip fantastic was our three-week hotel life in some of the best hotels I’ve stayed in to-date, one of them being the InterContinental St. Julian’s in Malta, which was our home for one week & where we spent Christmas last year. 


Situated in the beautiful and popular summer destination of St. Julian’s is InterContinental Malta, this fantastic and massive property makes for a great vacation home be it during the winter or summer season, the former by which was when we were there. It’s located within a retail area with easy access to food & shopping options; specifically right across the hotel is the the Baystreet Shopping Mall.There’s also easy access to a supermarket called ValYou, which is only 300-400 meters away from the hotel, where the bus stop is also located. Therein, you can get to anywhere in Malta, as you please – with the Old Town of Valletta being a fifteen to twenty minute bus ride away: there is an option to take the quick route or the scenic road, the latter which we mistakenly took once, but ended up giving us a wonderful view of the coast of Malta. 

That being said, there are a multitude of places you have access to, given the convenient and great location of InterContinental St. Julian’s, such as Sliema, Mdina, Rabat – where we easily took the bus to. 

Aside from making it a great base, St. Julian’s, however, is also an attraction in itself – what I would deem as the modern and commercialized area of this island country, as this is where majority of the international restaurants & stores are located. 

The Hotel

This massive hotel, just like any other InterContinental property I’ve been fortunate enough to have stayed at, such as the: InterContinental Yokohama Grand, where I had actually stayed at just a month before this trip, has a grand lobby & entrance, which was a great welcome for us after having travelled for 36 long hours. Not to mention, the crew that had checked us in as they took-in our luggage, provided warm hospitality that was a fantastic bonus to have upon arriving in this elegant and grand hotel.


What made our arrival even better was finally getting some rest in a refreshingly, neatly made-up and cleaned room.Though we got the most basic room option in the hotel, it didn’t feel basic at all, with a small balcony as a bonus!Pictured below are the complimentary amenities you’ll get with the room, as well as a fully-stocked pay-per-use mini-fridge.   We were also welcomed with two freshly-made macarons, making our check-in a bit sweeter than usual.

Facilities & Entertainment

After travelling for nearly two days, it was no question as to why we decided to stay indoors and enjoy everything our little room had to offer upon our arrival, so it wasn’t until the next day, where we saw more of the hotel’s facilities.The hotel boasts of three pools, a huge fitness centre, a spa, a beach club, and room service. InterContinental Malta is located at stone’s throw away from the coast, offering a private beach on St. George’s Bay – just a block away from the hotel itself, pictured below. Although we didn’t get to enjoy it as we were there during the winter season, it made for a great vantage point to watch the sunset.For the same reason, we didn’t get to enjoy the outdoor pools, but it was still a gorgeous sight to see every morning, as we exited our room to start the day.The indoor pool though, is available all year round & is truly inviting, regardless if it’s for a leisure or fitness swim. It was the fitness centre that I made the most out of, which spans over a whopping 2,500 square meters. Technically, the gym isn’t wholly under InterContinental, but instead, I believe they’ve partnered with Cynergi Health & Fitness Centre, with guests getting direct access from the hotel. It’s one of the most popular and biggest gyms in the country. 

No doubt, the InterContinental chain is one of my favorites, and the St. Julian’s, Malta property doesn’t fall short of its standards, but even exceeds it – not only for its accommodation, facilities, and amenities, but the driving force (as always) being the service – the ultimate deciding factor for every resort & hotel.

If you ever find yourself planning a trip to Malta, InterContinental St. Julian’s serves as a great base for your Malta adventure, regardless if you just want to stay within St. Julian’s, or if you plan to explore the rest of the country like we did!