The Blog

Originally on Tumblr from 2011-2016 under the same domain name, The World by Faith is a personal blog that has turned into a travelogue, showcasing the author’s adventures around the globe. Though officially established on the 28th of May 2017, posts from Tumblr are currently being migrated to this platform to give readers access to the blog’s previous travel diaries. Do note that the old posts are under construction at the moment, as it’ll take some time to migrate the photos.

The Author

Faith Eliza, the owner and author of TheWorldbyFaith.com, is a 25-year-old Filipina residing in Manila. In March 2012, she graduated from Ateneo De Manila University with a degree in BS Management, Major in Communications Technology Management and Minor in Enterprise Development. After having travelled to Europe right after graduating from University, there was a point when she wanted to make travel a living; but when she got a taste of the successes, glories, and even challenges of the corporate world thereafter, she realized that she was destined to achieve so much more in life.

Instead of giving up on her dream to travel the world and focus on climbing the corporate ladder, she makes it a point to balance the two things she is most passionate about. In a world full of people who tell you to quit your jobs to travel, Faith aims to tell you otherwise.

This is to inspire everyone out there that it is possible to travel the world, one city at a time, while fulfilling your dream to make it big in your own careers.
This is for those who dream of seeing the world without forgetting who they are and what they dream to achieve. This is for the lovers of travel, the lovers of life.

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