Charming Dresden: Florence of the North

Unlike Berlin or Munich, I didn’t know a lot about Dresden before visiting what’s otherwise known as the ‘Florence of the North.’ Having its city centre completely ruined during World War II, the city had to be restored, but that didn’t stop Dresden from becoming one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Although we had considerably little time to spare as we were nearing the Czech border, every step we took as we explored the city was combined with ’oohs’ and ’aahs’. I, together with a bunch of my other tourmates, wished we had more time in this beautiful city and made a promise that we’ll be back. A market in its town centre, surrounded by colorful buildings and the most beautiful of churches and not to mention, delicious food! We had lunch in this little market and even if it was freezing cold, I enjoyed every minute of it.

This cute little kid was wandering around the market and of course, I had to take a snapshot of this handsome little blue-eyed toddler.This was the moment I fell in-love with European markets. They have the best finds and the most delicious little goodies. 

From one sight to another, Dresden just felt so glorious to be in. I haven’t to many places, but this has got to be one of the most beautiful cities out there.  As we were exploring the city center, we chanced upon this gorgeous church and took a quick peek inside. 

The rest of the day was spent appreciating all that this fantastic German city had to offer; since we were only there for a few hours, I fell like that we could have seen so much more.

Really wishing that I could go back one day! Keeping my fingers crossed.