When in Hong Kong

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 4:40pm, but we didn’t get to board till around 6pm and took off a little before 7. No surprise there, Cebupacific. It was my first time to fly with the airline but I’ve heard tons of stories about delayed flights from my friends. Also, it was my second time to fly out from NAIA 3 and it’s so sad how the supposedly best airport in Manila houses budget airlines. To add to that, the terminal’s pretty much empty! What’s left for the big airlines? NAIA 1, which honestly looks like some trashy airport in the middle of nowhere. Thinking of dedicating a whole post to this issue.

Arrived in Hong Kong at around 9pm. Ange and I took the train from HKIA to Kowloon station, then a bus from the station to Kowloon Hotel which was just a block away from our hotel.It was my first time out of the country with a friend, so having to figure out our way all around the city was really exciting. We got to the room before 11pm and decided to skip dinner cause we were dead tired.

The next day, I woke up at 4 in the morning. I find myself constantly waking up not later than 5am these days. Signs of aging? Haha! Ange wasn’t up yet, so I tried to find things to distract myself with – taking photos of our view from the room to playing Temple Run. After getting ready, we then headed to Mcdonald’s for breakfast spent the next hour walking from one place to another. 

Miramar was our first official stop for that morning, but the stores didn’t open till 11am and some at 12pm so we had about an hour to spare. Spent those excruciating minutes walking around the mall, looking at all the stores we were dying to shop in. Lo and behold, there was American Eagle!

You could only imagine me getting all giddy and excited for the doors to open, since the last time I set foot in an American Eagle store was two years ago. Although, we ended up buying nothing, since everything was overpriced compared to when you buy from the same store in the States.

I’ve always loved Food Courts, most especially when traveling around Asia, so we headed to Food Republic for lunch. Dumplings overload, of course. The rest of the afternoon in was spent in H&M. We got too tired after, so we just decided to have dinner at the hotel. There was this super cute waiter who kept on smiling each time he attended to us. I didn’t want to admit I found him cute at first, until Ange mentioned she had a crush on him. After taking a peek at his name tag, we found out his name is Wing. I never got to see him after that night; Ange did though! After dinner, we walked to the bay area via the underground pass, which was conveniently located right beside our hotel. We were lucky enough to have chanced upon the Skyline’s Light Show.

Next on the agenda was a stroll along the Avenue of Stars and we, of course, had to take touristy photos.

The next morning, we originally planned to go to Victoria Peak previously, we instead decided to dedicate the day to shopping and exploring the city.Then… More shopping! As usual, we spent most of our time in H&M, but we squeezed in visits to some other stores. Went back to the hotel room late in the afternoon for siesta and woke up just in time for dinner. We decided to go to the night market, which to be honest, I was not all excited about. Took the Subway and walked till we reached Temple Street.  

Nothing much to see, really. We were thinking if we should have dinner there, but when it comes to food, I’m not really adventurous (sorry, Ange ☹). We ended up in this Japanese restaurant. How ironic is it that we had Japanese for dinner in Hong Kong.

It was around 9 in the evening and we actually talked about walking back to the night market to look around more but then the idea came up that we should go back to H&M to spend what’s left of our money. We said, “If it’s still open, it’s meant to be. If not, then too bad.” So we took the train back and walked to H&M. It was still open! Stayed there till closing, and finished almost all the money we had. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped over at 711 to buy goodies to bring home. Both Ange and I had 10HKD left after 711. Not even kidding!! But of course, we were expecting to get back the deposit we gave to the hotel after checking out.. Imagine if they didn’t return it.

That night, we packed our Hong Kong haul, as we had to get ready to leave the next morning. And that wraps up Hong Kong 2012!