Universal Studios Singapore

After not being able to finish the theme park last year, we decided to visit Universal Studios during this year’s trip to Singapore.I was all smiles to be back in what I consider to be a happier place than Disneyland! 🙂

One thing my dad and I had a habit of during this year’s trip to the Lion City was doing the same things we did last year! Take this for example, we had late lunch at the same place we had lunch in a year ago, all because my dad loved their Laksa. I can’t deny it though, that place serves good Singaporean food!My dad and I also had a photo taken in the same area where one of last year’s photos was taken.

To this day, every time I see the ‘Universal Globe’ welcoming me to the theme park, I get all giddy and excited, just as a kid goes crazy about going to Disneyland.Last year, I mistakenly booked our Lion King tickets on the same day we planned to go to Universal Studios, so we had to catch a ride back to the hotel then to the Marina before 5pm. Knowing that we missed out last year on exploring the whole theme park, we got the express pass, and I got to finish all the rides! Oh, what a great day it was. Amusements park really live up to their name.




Thinking that we’d stay in Universal Studios till it closes, we were dead beat by around 4pm and decided to go back to the hotel, since I made the most out of the time we were there anyway. Regardless, that was still one awesome Universal-Studios-bonding-day with my Dad!