The Bavarian Beer Hall Experience

Bavarian Beer Hall: It was another optional excursion that I had spent time on contemplating whether or not I should go through with, knowing that I don’t even drink beer. Since almost everyone on the tour was doing it, I said, why not? After all, saying you’ve gone to a Bavarian Beer Hall is something, right? Besides, I wanted to say Prost!, one of the few German words our tour guide taught us, which means “Cheers!” in a beer hall. Having the option to get half a liter of orange juice or a liter of beer, I went with the former knowing that if I had consumed a liter of beer in one night, people would’ve had to carry me home! And like I said, I’m not much of a beer (let alone, alcohol) drinker. By the way, this is Andrea, the strongest beer drinker of the night. Everyone was cheering her name when we were on the coach on the way back to the hotel. She had 3 liters of beer in one sitting!And on to the food, I ordered the Pork Schnitzel that Sam (our tour guide) strongly recommended. I was surprised to see a big slump of pork with a small circular dumpling and a small serving of some kind of vegetable. The pork was so huge, but I ate almost everything. It was so juicy inside that even if I’m the usual “I need condiments/sauce on everything” type of person, I enjoyed it without having to ask for any sauce whatsoever. The dumpling and side dish were good too!Accompanied with the delicious dinner was music and dancing. It was fun being immersed in German culture and made me even think about going to Oktoberfest one day!

Fran and I decided to sneak out after having devoured the schnitzel. We had the serious need to stand up and stretch for a bit. We took some time taking photos of the interiors of the Beer Hall.  As soon as we went back inside, we were in for a surprise. They had asked everyone to stand and dance with the crew, doing the chicken dance and other things that have now become vague to me.

Most of the people on the tour were a bit dazed with the alcohol, so I decided to get myself a tiny bottle of Jager. Everyone was dancing around and singing and saying Prost! every now and then to initiate a sip/gulp of their drinks. It was quite an experience. This is our tour guide, Sam, who was dressed for the night! After the beer hall, we went back to the hotel to get changed and since I had only gone out to the club once on the tour, I decided to go out that night. I was already feeling a bit buzzed and thought a night out would be good. I didn’t bring my camera, but sometimes, the best nights are those wherein all you have are memories and pictures in your head 🙂