Exploring Berlin with A Childhood Friend

As I finally met up with my childhood friend, Caitlen, we went to Hotel Adlon for lunch. Fast facts: Hotel Adlon was the hotel in Liam Neeson’s film Unknown and it’s also the hotel where Michael Jackson infamously dangled his son Blanket from the balcony of his room in 2002. Dining in one of the best hotels in the city while having a view of the Brandenburg Gate, Caitlen and I couldn’t help but gush over the fact that we never pictured this little adventure happening.  Caitlen is a childhood friend who moved to Germany about 3 years ago and a few months before leaving for Europe, I had a dream that I saw her and her sister in Berlin! Although the dream was a bit weird, since we were on a boat going island-sightseeing..not exactly something you could do in Berlin. So anyway, I contacted her and asked her if we could meet up in any of the German cities I was going to. Apparently Berlin was the closest to her, and so my dream came to life! (I must be some kind of psychic.) We spent more or less 2 hours catching up over delicious food, pictured above.

After spending an appropriate time catching up, we set off on our Berlin adventure! We had to take a few photos in front of the Brandenburg Gate, of course.  At the Jewish Memorial, which I’m thinking if I should dedicate another post to. After the Jewish Memorial, we walked back to the Brandenburg Gate and found our way to Museum Island. I don’t remember how far we walked, but now that I think of it, it was pretty far, but we didn’t really notice, since we were in this big, beautiful city! That’s another reason why I love Berlin, as previously mentioned in my other post, you can walk around finding your way from one tourist spot to another. Finally found our way to Museum Island. You could actually spend the whole day on the Island, as it houses five museums. We didn’t have a lot of time, so we had the chance to go to only one.

Before leaving for my trip, I downloaded Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe and watched the series countless times. One episode featured Berlin and this museum, namely the Pergamon Museum, so I thought that that should be the museum to visit.

We spent about one to two hours exploring the museum, which might be the biggest one I’ve seen to date!

From the museum, we walked across this little cafe to have a few snacks. It was around 5pm and I saw this cute little boy and smiled at him. Without having to say anything, he was friendly enough to utter the first word, “Hallo!” He was such a cutie! Then it started raining and no cabs seemed to pass by where we were! We had no choice but to share an umbrella and walk in the rain. The wind started to get REALLY strong to the point that the umbrella turned inside out. So there we were, two girls in an unfamiliar city, drenched in the rain!! After about half a kilometer of walking/running in the rain, we finally found a bus stop. Photos from here on out were taken by Caitlen’s iPhone, cause I forgot was too lazy to bring out my camera!

Still happy in the photo, despite the rain.

Obviously, this was after running in the rain. Not looking too happy now, Faith. Haha!

After thinking of getting on one of the buses headed to God-knows-where, we decided to wait it out and hope and pray we’d find a cab. After more than half an hour waiting at the bus stop with our dresses, jackets and shoes (btw, we were terno! both wearing dresses and maong jackets!!) soaking wet, I honestly was so close to giving up and taking the bus regardless of the fact that we had no idea how to get to my hotel until lo and behold, Caitlen miraculously hailed an empty cab!! This is why we’re all smiles in this photo. 

Finally got to the hotel, freshened up and had dinner at the restaurant and decided we’d walk to the club nearby later that night.

Spent more time catching up in the room and eventually fell asleep from 8pm-12mn, which at first caused me to panic, since we overslept! It was a good thing we were in Berlin, so the night was just starting.

We asked the hotel where the nearest club was – I had heard about it previously from our tour guide – and walked in the direction we were given. It was actually incredible close to the hotel, which was perfect! I my first (couple of) jagerbomb/s and saw a bunch of my tour-mates there too! We spent the rest of the night partying away. Berlin really was such an amazing place and is actually one of my favorite cities. I would go back in a heartbeat!