The Grand Palace & Siam Niramit

The most popular tourist destination in Bangkok is the Grand Palace, which, for me, is the place that really did exhibit Royal Thai culture.

Before entering the Palace Gates, one of the guards stopped me from entering, since I was wearing leggings. I thought it would be okay as long as it was covering my knees, but apparently it wasn’t. Our tour guide, Ms. Tutu (pictured below), was quick on her feet and found me some kind of sarong.

The moment I saw this mini-Angkor Wat model, I was ecstatic. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, the Angkor Wat has always been my dream destination. That was also the first time I learned about Thailand, Laos, & Vietnam being under one kingdom, the Khmer Empire, presently known as Cambodia. This is why the Grand Palace’s roof designs were patterned after Angkor Wat’s.

The palace grounds were nothing short of luxurious and intricately designed. Everywhere you’d look, it was incredibly beautiful. 

  Suggested Visit Duration: 1.5hours

After touring the beautiful Grand Palace, Ms. Tutu brought us to the market across to go shopping for a bit and try the local cuisine. I wasn’t too keen on trying out new and exotic dishes though, so I stuck with noodles & soup. Our last stop for the day was at a jewelry store that had exquisite pieces.

Later that night, our tour guide from the day before, Mr. Prateep, picked us up and brought us to the show we booked to watch – Siam Niramit. Here is the link to the trailer. It was one spectacular show that told the story of the Kingdom of Thailand and how the people came to be. It is set on one of the biggest stages in the world, giving the audience a glimpse of Thai arts and culture.   After the show, you get the chance to feed elephants, who made an appearance in the show, with sugarcane; which I, of course, did.Even if you’re pressed for time, both the Grand Palace and Siam Niramit are the two attractions in Bangkok that are not to be missed. Both will give you the real Thai experience rather than just spending time shopping in Platinum or the Chatuchak Market (which of course I did later on the trip). Make sure you don’t miss out on these two great Bangkok attractions the next time you visit Thailand’s capital.