Angkor In Depth

By this time, the Cambodian heat had gotten worse, but even if we were tired from visiting the two most popular temples in Siem Reap, that didn’t stop us from following the itinerary. We had a few more temples within Angkor scheduled for the day, although these temples are less popular than Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm, they were just as beautiful.

Pre Rup

A bit farther from the main temple stood the brick, laterite, and sandstone constructed temple mountain of Pre Rup. The moment I laid eyes on this temple, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites, although admittedly, almost all the temples we visited eventually made it to my list of favorite temples. Veasna, our tour guide, had asked us if we wanted to go to the top. Battling the Cambodian heat and at the same time, the stairs being too steep – and steep meaning, you’d have to sit down on the steps while going down to make sure you don’t fall, we decided not to risk it for the reasons of: 1) it really was too hot and we were tired from all the walking (in other words, we might’ve collapsed, haha) and 2) it probably might’ve taken us hours going up and back down the stairs considering how steep it was. And I hate how this photo doesn’t show how steep it really is!

Banteay Srei

We headed towards our fourth temple for the day, Banteay Srei, which was farther up north of Angkor Wat.

The temple ruins somehow reminded me of the Roman Forum in Italy and how desolate it seemed. Although once you walk past the entrance, a few more meters away, lies the actual temple structure.

Smaller than that of the three other temples we visited previously, Banteay Srei was designed so intricately that the details of the carvings were very evident even from afar. 

After taking a few photos here and there, we decided to get lunch in the Restaurant-Cafe nearby. My cousin and I were terribly hungry and quenched from all the walking and ‘climbing’ we did earlier in the day (and might I add, the heat, which added to our exhaustion), that we devoured all the food as soon as it was served.

After lunch, we headed back into the middle of the Angkor Complex and made a few stops in temples that weren’t even on our itinerary. This was one of the many things that we loved about Veasna, our tour guide! He’d go out of his way to make sure we got the best Cambodian Experience.

Ta Keo

We were still exhausted, so we opted not to go inside the temple, but admired it from the exteriors instead. And as aforementioned, this temple wasn’t on the itinerary, so it wasn’t necessarily on our “must-see” list. Then again, it was still beautifully built!Chau Say Tevoda & Thommanon

Yet another temple (or two) not on our itinerary, these did not fail to impress. Veasna regarded this as one of the less beautiful temples, but my cousin and I were saying that if we were to bring this to the Philippines, it would be a tourist sensation.

We decided to go and explore this temple, since we were the only ones there, and decided not to miss out on the opportunity. After taking advantage of a few photo ops, we climbed through the temple and although the photo above doesn’t show it, it was rather high above the ground.