Finally, Bella Roma

Unlike most whose life-dream is to visit Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, my dream has always been to visit Rome to see the Forum. That being said, I also bought a Rome-themed journal to serve as inspiration and a few weeks after, when I found out that I was going to Europe and that Rome was on the list, I was beyond ecstatic.

From Venice, the first Italian city I visited, we headed to the capital. It took about five or six hours to get there with a few stops at services. The moment we drove into traffic and saw smart-cars all around, I knew we had arrived. As we drove around the city for about an hour or so, we saw sights and landmarks that I thought I’d only be able to see in movies.Finally, we got off the coach when we reached the Colosseum; and it was just as magnificent as I thought it would be. Having been completed in 80 AD, it amazed me how such a massive structure withstood the tests of time and even, fortuitous events. From the Colosseum, we walked through the city that had lived through thousands of years and saw the greatness the Italian capital had to offer. Fontana de Trevi, more commonly known as the Trevi Fountain, was a magnificent sight and needless to say, was crowded with busloads of tourists. You’re supposed to throw a coin over your left shoulder to wish yourself a trip back to Italy, and a second/third, if you want to meet someone special and fall in love with someone in Italy. 

Obviously, I threw only one coin to wish myself a safe trip back to Rome. Hey, Trevi, still waiting for that wish to come true!Across the Fountain stood Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio a Trevi, a Baroque church that was built in the 1600s.The Pantheon was our next stop and it was kind of hilarious how Evan, one of my tour mates, and I thought that one side of it was the main entrance. We started acting like such divas, saying how we thought it would be grander than that. Turns out, we were still a few meters away from the main entrance and just like everything else I had seen in Rome at that point, it exhibited ancient splendor. Luckily, we were there by a little before 7:30, just a few minutes before the closing time!

By dusk, we had reached Piazza Navona and decided to go in groups and have dinner in the area. Of course, I had pizza once again, making sure I did not miss out on the goodness of Italian cuisine while I was there.By around 9 in the evening, nightfall had taken its place and instead of staying out like the others did, a bunch of us decided to call it a night considering that we were still recovering what’s otherwise known as the Contiki cough. For me, add fever, colds and a sore throat to that!Rome’s uniqueness was embodied in every landmark we passed and every road we walked on, although to be honest, as I ended the day, I felt like it was not as spectacular as I hoped it would be. Although do take note that Rome is truly beautiful in ways like no other; it may have been the fever or my expectations being too high, but I hoped that our second day in Rome would be a different story.