A Taste of Surabaya

The main reason why I flew to Surabaya was for David & Fran’s wedding, but even if I was just there for four days, Kyra and I made it a point to spend our last full day outside the hotel. First off though, we arrived in the city the night before the wedding and we had dinner with David, Robert, Robert’s brother-in-law and two of their friends. Not that I have to mention it, but we appreciated them making it a point to pick us up from the airport and bringing us out to dinner even if it was David’s big day the next day! Fran had to get some beauty sleep, which we completely understood. Anyway, they brought us to this Indonesian restaurant and ordered so much for us! Everything was really good; factor in most of the dishes being spicy, and I live for spicy food!


The day after the wedding, as mentioned earlier, was our last full day. Kyra and I spent the whole morning resting up, enjoying the Wifi and devouring the hotel’s buffet breakfast. At around lunch time, we got a call from David saying we were having dinner that night and we’d meet at around 4pm, so we decided to get ready and go to this mall we passed on the way back to the hotel the night before to pass the time.

Grand City Surabaya is one of the many malls in the city and unfortunately the only one we got to visit due to the limited time we had. I was previously warned by Grace, one of the bridesmaids I spent the day before with, that Grand City isn’t one of the best malls, and to be honest, it wasn’t anything spectacular.

After looking at a few stores, we decided to have lunch. First, we were settled on having fast food, but came across a restaurant that attracted us both, Lazzaro Cafe. If, by any chance, you find yourself in Surabaya wanting to have a meal that’s not Indonesian, then try this one!

It was interesting, however, to see the different local Indonesian brands, though the main highlight of our trip to Grand City was Lazzaro Cafe. We headed back to the hotel soon after and met Fran & David for dinner. Had dinner with both their families in Istana Berkat, which specializes in fresh seafood, similar to the dampa buy-and-have-it-cooked concept here in Manila. Once again, everything was good! I barely got to take any photos, since we devoured all the food in an instant.  After dinner, Fran, her brother, David, Judy, Kyra and I headed back to our hotel for a few drinks. The bar only had beer and I absolutely detest the taste of it, but made a sacrifice and had almost a glass. Apparently, in Surabaya (or Indonesia – someone, correct me if I’m wrong), they’re not allowed to have drinks with alcohol levels more than 8%! Regardless, I had a great time catching up with them. Though my trip to Indonesia was rather short, the spectacular wedding and reconnecting with old friends and making new ones was definitely worth all the time, effort and money. Not to mention, all the food we devoured definitely gave us a taste of Surabaya. Also, Fran & David and their respective families were overwhelmingly generous and hospitable, which is why this trip is definitely one for the books. 

From this trip, I learned that truly…

A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles. 
-Tim Cahill