Wedding of the Year

Back in November 2012, Fran informed me that she and David had gotten engaged. I was obviously beyond excited and ecstatic for them and promised to do my best to attend their special day; but it wasn’t until mid-2013, just a couple of months before their wedding, was I certain of my travel plans. Fast forward to the last week of December and I found myself in Surabaya after about a year’s worth of planning.

Fran & I spent the months before her wedding talking about the stress she’d go through having to plan a wedding miles away, since she’s based in Melbourne. I knew that their wedding was going to be big, but both Kyra, who, on the other hand, flew from Canada and built a whole trip around this wedding, and I were in for a surprise.

As soon as I got a glimpse of the entrance leading to the grand ballroom of JW Marriott Surabaya, the theme was evident: Winter Wonderland. From a whole backdrop made out of beautiful, fresh flowers to a stage so grand compared to one you’d see in a pageant, everything was perfectly planned.


The food was not a buffet, but an 8-course-sit-down Chinese dinner, which could not have been more perfect. I have this belief that events as formal as weddings, debuts and the like are meant for sit-down dinners, since having a buffet just makes the event all the more vulnerable to chaos and disorganization. Needless to say, everything was delicious and cooked to perfection! I enjoyed the food too much that I forgot to take photos of most of the courses, but here’s a photo of their extensive menu.

As mentioned in Wedding Preparations, the ceremony took place in the morning, hours before the reception, and only a handful of guests, mostly close relatives and family were invited; but as seen in the previous photos, the reception is a completely different story.

As Fran and David said their vows, I couldn’t help but tear up even if the wedding was in Indonesian, though my fellow-bridesmaid, Judy, willingly translated most parts of it for me. Thanks, Judy!

Weddings are truly beautiful; and the wedding receptions/parties are fantastic!

Oh, and did I mention that there were performers too? An amazing five-man band, ballerinas, ballroom-dancers (performers), and so on. It felt like we were in awards show considering how everything was so grand!

At the end of it all, I couldn’t help but be thankful to not only be a part, but a big part of Fran & David’s special day. Surely, all the money and time spent on traveling to Surabaya was worth seeing two of the people that I met and grew very close to in Europe tie the knot.

To the lovely couple, David and  Fran, congratulations! And I do wish you all the happiness in the world, cause you both most definitely deserve it; once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your overwhelming hospitality and generosity that was very present throughout my whole stay. I do hope I get to see the both of you again one day!