Into the Alps: A Trip to Jungfrau

Out of all the optional excursions I did when I was in Europe, this has got to be my favorite; although it should be considering it was the most expensive one, costing about 120 Euros, but worth every cent! After 20 years of living, I never got the chance to experience snow, but seeing and basking in the grandness of it up in the Swiss Alps was definitely worth the 20-year wait.

We found out that days before we arrived, it was foggy up in the Alps, so we were expecting not to see anything, but I was still more than willing to go.

From Lauterbrunnen, it took about an hour-long train ride up the mountains overlooking the most breath-taking scenery I have seen to date.Switzerland could not have been more perfect till I caught a glimpse of snow, which made me all the more excited to finally reach what’s known as the top of Europe – Jungfrau.We had to switch trains on the way, since the train we took from Lauterbrunnen doesn’t go straight up to the Alps; and made one more stop on the way, which I at first thought was already our destination, as we saw the spectacular Swiss Alps through the glass window. Apparently, we were only at 3,160 m / 10,368 ft above sea level and hadn’t reached the top.Upon reaching Jungfrau, I was absolutely thrilled, ecstatic, happy, etc. – no words can describe how I felt experiencing snow for the first time, braving the slippery slopes to get the most perfect view of the Swiss Alps.To add to that, it was like we were there at the perfect time with fresh snow and clear blue skies all around. The ice cave was a different story, and was absolutely beautiful in its own way, with sculptures of polar bears and the like tucked by the corridors of what felt like an ice palace to me. A couple of friends and I stayed by the alps, rolling in the snow and even tasting it. Hey, don’t judge us! It was fresh, pure, clean snow, and who else can say they’ve tasted snow from the Swiss Alps!  The day could not have been more perfect and when the time came we had ride the train back to our Swiss Chalet in Lauterbrunnen, we were all sad to say goodbye to our morning/afternoon in the sun and snow, but at the same time, felt more than fulfilled.