Farewell Dinner in Paris

For our last night not only in Paris, but on the tour and with our Contiki group as a whole, we went up to Sacré Cœur. Instead of taking the Funiculaire, we went up 300 stairs, which at that time, felt like forever. It was worth it as we were welcomed by the majestic view and the city laid right before us.As we walked towards the restaurant we had booked for the night, La Bonne Franquette, it hadn’t sunk in that I was going to say goodbye to fifty people I had grown close to during the past three weeks.After being seated, we were presented with the set menu and selected our entrée and main course, costing around 35Euros, which was incredible reasonable for the dining experience we got. Escargots de Bourgogne – Snails in Butter Sauce. I, of course, could not miss out on the chance to try escargot in Paris and it was a pretty interesting dish! It was good, but I don’t think it’s something I’d order time again. Cuisse de canard à l’orange – Duck Leg in Orange Sauce. Since I’m not a big fan of duck, I decided not to go with this, but it was highly recommended; and those who ordered it said it was really good!Beef Bourguignon – Burgundy Beef. Staying on the safe side for the main course, I went with the beef, which was good; although it could’ve used a bit more flavor.Fromage – Cheese.Dessert – Chocolate Cake drizzled in Vanilla Sauce.After dinner, we were all stuffed and decided to take a few photos before heading out of the restaurant. Here’s a photo of me with Fran & David, born and raised in Indonesia and residing in Melbourne, two of the people I had a hard time saying goodbye to. Though I did get to attend their wedding a year and a half later, which you can read about here: Wedding of the Year.The next photo is with Evan from Vietnam, residing in New York, and Kyra from Winnipeg, two people that I grew very close to as well, as we shared great memories together, like getting lost in Prague. I got to reconnect with Kyra a year and a half later in Malaysia, from which we headed to Indonesia for Fran’s wedding. 

From the restaurant, we walked back down to Montmartre as we were greeted by the Parisian sunset. We stood around for about half an hour, talking about everything we’ve gone through together, the places we visited, and how it’s all coming to an end.

With Emily from Victoria, Australia
L-R: Ash from Australia, Alex from Ontario but now residing in Perth, Paula from Ontario as well
With Natasha from Canada
With two of girls I grew closest to: Kyra & Fran
L-R: Sam, our tour manager, from Alabama; Jacques from Melbourne; and Matty, our tour driver from Port Hedland, Australia.
With Emily & Jack / I was obviously one of the shortest ones on the tour! Haha.

As the night ended, I decided to get some eye-shut early – at about 9 or 10pm, since I was still suffering from fever, colds, and cough, and was catching an early train the day after.

The last morning was when we said our final goodbyes, as some went back to London, others stayed in Paris, a few went onwards with their trip, and a number back home.It was most especially hard to say goodbye to these three (plus David), who I thankfully am in constant communication with.Europe 2012, as I always say, has got to be the greatest decision I have made to date; mainly because of the people I met along the way. Thank you, Contiki. As I have only three more travel diaries lined up for Europe 2012, note that I did not write the posts in chronological order, I feel like I’m saying goodbye yet again to these wonderful memories that I will always treasure. I guess soon enough, I’ll have to embark on yet another adventure to fill the pages of my little online world.