The Floating City of Venice

The beautiful city of Venice in northeastern Italy has been deemed countless times as the most beautiful city in the world. A city intertwined with canals by which gondolas are steered, this is just one of the reasons why Venice has been named so.The limestone Bridge of Sighs is one of the main attractions in the city as it used to house prisoners who looked out the window, sighing and wishing for freedom. There’s a myth that if you kiss under the Bridge by sunset, your love will last forever. Any A Little Romance fans out there? This is actually where I first heard about the myth!The famous Piazza San Marco, together with the Doge’s Palace showcasing Gothic arches, exhibits more magnificence in person than seen in photos.This is why I always say May is the perfect time to go to Europe; the weather is beautiful and you can barely see any tourists around, although do note that this was at about ten in the morning, and that there was a bigger crowd in the afternoon, but not as bad as it would be during the summer.

For this leg of the trip, we had no maps at hand, thinking that it would be easy to find our way through the narrow alleys and main walkways. Venice felt like some kind of maze, really, with quaint cafes and shops with the prettiest finds all over, perpendicular to that of the canals that filled the city. Our morning tour of Venice included a visit to a Murano glass-blowing demonstration, which is a must when in the city.

In about five to ten minutes, this guy managed to form this beautiful and not to mention, expensive Murano piece!

Following the glass-blowing demonstration was a visit to one of the now very few hand-weaving shops in Venice, which is sadly a dying industry due to the popularity of machines that can produce the same goods.After our morning tour of the city, we headed our separate ways to have lunch.Warning: Don’t make the mistake of having lunch by St. Mark’s Square, since  our tour guide told us that they charge tremendously even if you just order coffee, since they charge every minute you sit al-fresco by the main square.

For lunch, we had authentic Italian pizza; and surprisingly, our server was Filipino, though Fran, David and I debated for a time, them thinking that the server was Chinese. I was certain that he was a fellow Filipino though and it was later confirmed.

This was our first cup of gelato that day; advised by our tour guide that when in Italy, you must eat gelato at least five times a day! Our count was only at three for the day, though.

The best view in the city, for me, would have to be by the Rialto bridge overlooking the beautiful Grand Canal, where the five-star hotels are. While on the Rialto for only a couple of minutes, three couples asked me to take their photo, which proves: 1) Venice really is for lovers and 2) I don’t look like a thief.

Of course, how can you leave Venice without sailing through the Venetian canals in a gondola with a bottle of wine?As it was time for us to say goodbye to beautiful Venice, it was with a heavy heart – at least for me. Although Prague still remains to be my favorite city in the world, Venice (tied with Paris) is my second-favorite city, and I cannot wait to go back.Luckily, I’ll find myself here once again in less than two weeks!