One with the Mountains in San Marino

Claiming to be the world’s oldest republic as it is bordered by the Italian Apeninne Mountains is one of the world’s smallest countries, San Marino. The best and most convenient way getting from Rimini, where I was staying the night, to San Marino is by bus; costing ten Euros, which you can easily buy at the bus stop fronting the main train station.The journey lasts for nearly an hour involving breath-taking views of the Italian countryside. As we drove up to San Marino, I was beyond glad that I decided to visit the country, which gave me the chance to see the magnificent Apennines. Once again, photos will never do justice to how spectacular the view was.   Finally arriving into the city of San Marino, stone buildings and structures of a uniform color were those what first caught my eye.  It’s funny how wherever I go, I come across Filipinos, who I usually converse with and sometimes sneakily ask them to take my photo.

Being in San Marino felt like walking through a fortress of some sort with tourists all around and some designer stores tucked through alleyways; restaurants, cafes, and the like were open just about everywhere to cater to tourists and locals, by which were difficult to tell apart.

Exploring the streets of San Marino was a fantastic experience, but it was still the view of the countryside that took my breath away and made the trip absolutely worthwhile. I decided to take a break and get a cup of gelato at this cafe that overlooked both the mountains and the city of San Marino. It was perfect.

I ended the trip where I first started, by the buses, one of which I took down back to my hotel in Rimini.San Marino has always intrigued me, and the fact that I got to visit the Republic was a privilege and such a joy. If you ever find yourself in this area of Italy, you should definitely not pass on the opportunity to go up to the oldest constitutional republic in the world that takes you through the spectacular Apennines.