From Monaco to The French Riviera

Coming from Monaco, I took the underground to Nice, which was about a thirty to forty minute ride to the main station with three or four stops along the way. My first impression of Nice wasn’t true to its name, but rather dirty and not as beautiful as I thought my first glimpse of Southern France would be.  Though some of the buildings exhibited French architecture, I believe I expected more. I only had a few hours to spend in the city and was flying out later that night, so I decided to make the most out of my time there. Since the food in Monaco was outrageous and only got myself four pieces of Maki for ten Euros, I decided to eat in the Asian restaurant right across the train station as soon as it caught my eye. Afterwards, I walked by the main avenue in Nice towards the shore. Throughout the walk, I passed by a church, restaurants, small hotels, and a mall that I just had to see from the inside. Europe isn’t too keen on having malls spread throughout the city; well, compared to the Philippines, at least, so it was great to be amongst shopping stores and restaurants once again. To add to that, they had free Wifi! I headed out and walked onwards to the sea and by this time, I had nearly reached the end of the avenue and appreciated Nice way more than I did prior. The diversity of the building colors and the fountains scattered all around, together with what seemed to be a really nice tram system (I only saw it from the outside) made me see the beauty of this city, although admittedly, it still isn’t a favorite.  Finally reaching the boardwalk, I was disappointed to see that the shore was rocky. I didn’t think they would have fine sand like Boracay or Palawan, but I did not expect sharp rocks. So instead of sitting by the beach, enjoying my alone time by the sunset like I originally planned, I walked across the boardwalk.After what I believe was the most I’d gotten from the trip, I walked back towards the train station to catch the bus to the airport. Though Nice is marveled at quite often by others, I honestly don’t think it’s fantastic or anything special, but I did see the beauty of it, like I always do in every city I visit. The next time I find myself in this area though, I’d rather spend more time in Monaco, but it was Nice to have experienced this city, even just for a bit.