Southern Belgian Adventure

Coming from Namur, we drove for about an hour or so to the city of Hotton, which was absolutely picturesque. Though we only made a quick stop for a bottle of wine therein, I enjoyed cruising through, onwards to our next stop, Werpin. Just like Hotton, Werpin is a little city in Southern Belgium, where Maxime’s Aunt lives in a beautiful country house. Most of the photos we took were shot with his Aunt’s camera, so unfortunately, I have yet to get copies of those. At the same time, we were all too busy with devouring the mouth-watering dishes to take any photos.

After the wonderful lunch, it was time for coffee; since Maxime and I don’t really drink coffee, the two of us went out for a walk around the town. It was amazing. Being in such a charming town while laughing, talking and being silly with one of the people you treasure the most is one for the books. As we said our goodbyes to his Aunt and as I tried to thank her profusely in my terrible French, onwards we drove to Durbuy.

    And here’s a city I had never heard of in my entire life, and being a reader about places, that’s pretty rare; but oozing with charm as River Ourthe flows through it, I was mesmerized by Durbuy, as seen in this photo.

As every street is made out of cobblestone, with a castle in the midst of it all, and shops with the most beautiful pieces scattered all throughout, it felt like we were in one of those medieval fairytales; though our clothes say completely otherwise.

Capping off the trip, I saw these adorable dogs being walked by this couple. Later on, I realized that the man looks very much like Carl Fredricksen from Up! Did he get his happily ever after (plus two dogs) after all?Durbuy is a wonderful little city, that a traveler would really go beyond for; but let me tell you that it is worth it. One day, I’d love to go back and go kayaking, canoeing, or rafting down the enchanting River Ourthe surrounded by the most magnificent of hills.