Thank You, 2014

And just like that, another year will soon be over. Since I’ve neglected this blog of mine for far too long, I thought I ought to make the least bit of effort to end the year right with a recap of how 2014 has been for me. As I write this on the last day of the year, I can’t help but realize what a whirlwind of adventures the past twelve months have been for me; this year definitely beats 2012, what used to be my best year until now. Save the tragedies our world witnessed this year though, which my heart goes out to, but this will be for another post. That being said, however, it gave me the realization that each day I wake up to is a blessing and everything beyond that is a bonus from God. I am nothing short of grateful for everything that has transpired this year.

Instead of listing everything that I am thankful for, which could result in a series of novels, I’ll be listing down my Top 10 Highlights of 2014:

1) 22nd Birthday – Only recently, my friends and I were talking about how time flies and it felt like only yesterday when we’d talk about school; and one said, “I feel as if I’m the same person I was four years ago.” That was when it dawned upon me that I am blessed enough to say that I believe I am a far better person than I used to be. At this age, I’d like to think that God has blessed me with an amazing group of people who have been my long-time support system, a variety of experiences that have helped me grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, a promising career, and so on.

2) Promotion – Just a little over a year at my first job, I got the surprise of a lifetime when I got a promotion that I was not expecting at all. More on that here.

3) Europe in March to April

4) New Friends – I went on yet another Contiki tour and met a couple of people from around the world. This is one of the many things I love about traveling: creating new connections all over the globe. 

5) Singapore in May  6) Quitting my job – In my opinion, this was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make. I felt as if I was in High School again, when I was deciding whether to go to Ateneo, La Salle (okay, honestly, this wasn’t really an option for me given that it’s rival was what I always had my eye on), or UP. Just like deciding to go to Ateneo, deciding to quit was one of the best decisions of my life, if not the best. Leaving what was my comfort zone for nearly two years gave me a wider range of opportunities and the chance to learn more skill-sets. More on that here: Welcoming Change

7) Finding a new job – Subsequently, I found a job that, as mentioned earlier, opened a lot of doors for me. And I keep saying time and time again that it’s amazing how God puts things into place. Signing with my company now is my best decision to date, even if in the first place, I wasn’t planning to look for another job. Again, I am blessed with a wonderful company and an amazing team. Note that I had the same sentiments for my first job.

8) Vietnam for my Dad’s Birthday – As mentioned a couple posts back, I surprised my Dad a day before his birthday with a trip to Hanoi. It was hard enough keeping it from him for months, given that I tell him everything, but it was all worth the secret bookings and what not when he said it was his best birthday ever.

9) Europe in November to December – During the second to the last week of November, I flew back to Europe and had the trip of a lifetime. It was all about exploring new cities, re-discovering those I’ve been to before, having a gastronomical adventure with the boyfriend, and basking in the beauty of travel. Oh, and I finally got fulfill my dream to visit the Parthenon in Greece, which you can read about here. 10) Reconnecting with Maxime’s Family – Following the last highlight, I got to reconnect with Maxime’s Family and this time, in a more meaningful and deeper manner. They really made me feel as if I was part of their family, which they do each time. This made it even more difficult for all of us to say our goodbyes when I had to go back home. In my twenty-two years of living, a couple of my best and most meaningful conversations were with them. I am just beyond blessed to have them in my life.

So as I bid farewell to the last few hours of the year and get ready for the celebration of the New Year, I hope you don’t forget to appreciate all that’s transpired this year – both the good and the bad; as you cherish the former and learn from the latter. Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a million thanks to those who have continued to follow this little online world of mine. 2015, I am excited for you!