The Citadel of Namur

The south of Belgium has so much to boast about, like this picturesque city we made a stop in on the way to Durbuy.Namur, though not known to many, is just as beautiful as the more-popular Belgian cities I’ve visited, and is definitely worth the trip. If you find yourself passing through this area, make it a point to drive up to the citadel.  Dating back to 937, -yes, you read that right- is this fortress that has withstood the tests of time and the changes in territorial control. Having gone through several renovations, expansions, and restorations since then, it now stands as the city’s main attraction as it gives you a panoramic view of Namur and the Meuse.

As time was of the essence during this rather quick stopover, we drove and walked through the main areas of the citadel, but later found out that what we saw was just a tiny portion of the estate. The Citadel of Namur turns out to be the most extensive construction in Belgium, spanning a circumference of several kilometers; it was the view from the Citadel, however, that made our trip worthwhile. The estate also houses a castle, which we, unfortunately, did not get the chance to explore further; but that only means that I’d have to go back to see more of this city! As we walked down the hill to find more spots that give a different perspective of the city, I couldn’t help but gush over the fact that I had the chance to visit this place – a place not many have heard of. And to boot, the weather was absolutely perfect!  Ending the trip, we made a stop at the Guy Delforge Perfumery, also located within the citadel, where you could get perfume that will make you remember Namur every time you get a whiff of it. I was luckily gifted, surprised – I should say, with a precious bottle, as we were leaving the grounds.So if you’re planning a trip to Belgium, take a break from all the tourist-infested cities and make a stop in this stunning city of Namur!