Beautiful Brugge: Venice of the North

Named countless times as one of the most beautiful cities in the world is the wonderful city of Brugge. The main square is just a few minutes walk from the central station, so the best way to get acquainted with the city is to go into the center by foot. Brugge is commonly known as the “Venice of the North,” together with Amsterdam, as its city is filled with canals, although the advantage it has versus the Italian wonder is that the number of tourists you’ll encounter are significantly less.There were barely any people in sight, as we walked from one street to another; save the city center, where all the tourists seemed to have flocked together, though still not as many as those you’d see in Venice.

In the middle of it all, is the main canal, with a bridge crossing over it. And that spot gives you one of the best views of the city.
Standing several meters high in the historic center of Brugge is the Belfry, one of the most symbolic attractions in the city.After spending more than two hours basking in the beauty of the city, we decided to have lunch in this Chinese restaurant we saw earlier. Every time I’m away from home for weeks at a time, I continuously crave for Asian cuisine, which is why we always end up eating Chinese or Japanese when travelling through Europe.

After lunch, we walked towards the train station, but took a different route going back. Still, we were awed by everything we saw.
Finally, we arrived in the train station, which made me realize even more how much I adore Belgium’s rail system, not just because of the clean and high-tech trains (compared to those in France or Italy, that is), but because the stations never fail to impress. Although our trip to Brugge was rather quick, given that we were headed to Ghent later that afternoon, I was absolutely stunned by the beauty of it. That being said, I definitely see myself going back and seeing more of it one day.