Hotel Review: Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam

I remember seeing this beautiful building right beside Amsterdam Centraal during my first trip to the city only to find out after doing some research that it was a hotel under the Hilton group. So when we were planning our trip back to this lovely city, we knew we had to book this hotel.


You’ll find the entrance to this exquisite hotel after seeing Starbucks, close to Mediamarkt. The main entrance is tucked behind the exteriors of the building, so you might make the mistake of entering the hotel’s restaurant at first.


The main hotel lobby exhibits neutral colors with big windows providing natural lighting. Although there are about four or five front office attendants, it can get really busy during the peak hours. We arrived two hours after check-in time, so we weren’t expecting much people, but we still had to line up for a couple of minutes before finally getting attended to. Take note that the photo below was taken hours after we checked-in and the lines weren’t as long anymore.


The main downside of our stay here was the miscommunication of our front office attendant Sydney who asked for our credit card details to guarantee our booking. Do note that everything was already fully-paid via I clarified three times that nothing will be charged on the credit card and that this is just for holding purposes; she confirmed this thrice. I mentioned in passing that we’d rather pay any additional expenses/deposits in cash. Again, she required the credit card.

Later that day, I checked my account to find that my credit card was charged. Upon inquiring at the front desk why I was charged, they said that this was the alternative to giving a cash deposit and that it was only a ‘frozen amount’. Note that it was not Sydney I was talking to at this time; we were surprised that we were not offered this option we clearly preferred. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything about it, but promised it will be credited as soon as we checked out. It was only credited back after a month, not in full even, given the change in ForEx.

Now moving forward from that unfortunate incident of miscommunication, let me give you a recap of the rest of our experience in Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam, which was actually really pleasant disregarding the aforementioned incident. On a light note, they gave us a free cookie upon check-in; this is actually a known practice in serveral Hilton properties, if not all.



Though the hotel has a very busy lobby, as soon as you step into the elevators and go to the floor where your room is located, you’ll be taken aback by how quiet the property is even if it’s fully-booked.


The room provides everything you’d need and is spacious enough for two people to move around. The amenities are those you’d find in any business hotel, as this appeals more to the on-the-go guests rather than those who are looking for a luxurious stay – in my opinion, at least.

Though do note that when you’re in Amsterdam, the best thing to do is stay outdoors so you can truly get the real Dutch experience rather than staying within the confines of your hotel room. Be wary of being tempted to stay in when you decide to book with Double Tree by Hilton though, that’s how comfortable the room and the hotel’s amenities are.


Instead of providing a television, they provide guests with an iMac, where you can watch Netflix or browse as you please.


The toilet & bath offers both a shower and a bathtub with complete toiletries. Note that we were given an accessible room, which explains why there were bars all around the toilet & bath.


Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi in the hotel is free and extremely reliable when used on the iMac, but the connection can get a bit slow when used on your devices – not complaining though, since it was free! Again, most of the time, the connection was good, we just felt like it was better to use the iMac.


In-room dining is a must for me when we choose hotels or resorts to stay in, and we loved Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam’s room service. Everything we ordered was of good restaurant quality and service is quick.


View from the Room

This was my favorite thing about staying in this hotel: the incredible view you get no matter what time during the day. Imagine waking up to this view – I found it even more incredible than the view of the desert I woke up to when we stayed in Bellagio in Las Vegas or the view of the Petronas Twin Towers from Traders Kuala Lumpur.



Location is top-notch. Every time I look for hotels, this is also another thing I tend to focus on. And the location of this hotel wasn’t a letdown as it’s located right beside Amsterdam Centraal, beside a small retail area housing MediaMarkt, Vapiano, and there’s also Starbucks right around the corner.

A tip: there’s a good Chinese ‘floating restaurant’ right across the hotel called Sea Palace. I know, who in their right mind would have Chinese cuisine in Europe? Chinese restaurants are actually pretty common in common and you can find a couple of them in Chinatown or around the canals, but Sea Palace would also be one of the safe bets if you don’t feel like going a little further. Check my review on Sea Palace: The Floating Chinese Restaurant.

There’s also a choice of Italian Cuisine in Vapiano – we tried it in Stockholm and their pizzas are really good and of great value!

Double Tree by Hilton is located in Amsterdam Centrum, which is the center of the city offering the best shopping, dining, and sightseeing options; so again, the hotel’s location is prime.


Look no further if you’re searching for a place to stay in this fantastic Dutch city and book Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam!