Sea Palace: The Floating Chinese Restaurant

Of all the places to eat in Amsterdam, this is one of our top choices. I have a knack for eating in Asian restaurants when I’m in Europe – don’t ask me why. I just do! If you have this same unusual habit and you find yourself in the middle of Amsterdam craving for fresh dumplings and mouth-watering fried rice, then Sea Palace should be your go-to.image

Located right right in front of Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam, a few meters off of Centraal Station, is this Chinese foodie haven and even better, a “floating” pagoda-style restaurant. You surely won’t miss it as its architecture stands out in the midst of Dutch buildings.

The interiors are gorgeous and you won’t really realize you’re in the middle of Europe given how intricately Chinese each and every decor is.image

The restaurant offers set menus for big groups and a la carte, as well. They have a checklist menu, which makes it easier for tourists and travellers alike to order what they want. The menu has photos and English translations, you just have to make sure you tick-off the correct numbered-box on the list.image

The view from the restaurant is gorgeous, specially from the second floor, as it overlooks the one of the main canals and several Dutch buildings.imageimageimage

On to the food: we may have ordered a bit too much for two people – we have this tendency to over-order, specially when it’s in an Asian restaurant. Everything was really good, needless to say, and we recommend that you try it too!

  • Ha Kau (€8,50) – Steamed Prawn Dumplings
  • Siu Mai (€8,50) – Steamed Meat Dumplings
  • Tsa Seui Ka (€7,50) – Fried Dumplings with Prawn Stuffing
  • Sui Kau Tong Min (€15,90) – Soup with Prawn Dumplings
  • Fried Rice with Beef (€19,50)

Like I said, we ordered too much and barely finished everything; but we had at least a bite of each dish we ordered and it was fantastic!imageimageimageimageimage

If you’re making a list of restaurants to visit when you’re in Europe, make sure you add this to the list!image