A Gastronomical Adventure: Funky Gourmet

Deemed countless times as the best restaurant in Athens, we had high expectations for our dinner in this two Michelin-starred restaurant called Funky Gourmet. Let me get ahead of myself and tell you point-blank that it definitely lives up to its reputation.Advised by the our hotel concierge that the restaurant wasn’t within walking distance,  specially since it was dark-out, we decided to take a taxi. Note that from Syntagma Square it’s about a 15-20 minute ride, depending on the traffic. It goes through a few sketchy, dimly-lit roads, so I highly suggest you take a taxi instead of going by foot.

Finally arriving in front of a grey building surrounded by what seemed to be abandoned buildings with barely any lights on, I was honestly scared out of my mind when a well-built man in a black suit approached our taxi and opened the door. Turns out, the horror taxi stories I’ve heard in Manila got the best of me, and he, apparently, was from Funky Gourmet and was kind of enough to warmly welcome us as soon as we stepped-off the taxi.

Funky Gourmet’s interiors exhibit black walls with several colorful paintings, books, decors, and even alcohol bottles displayed as an accent. While there is a dining area and a bar on the ground floor, we were led to the second floor, and were surprised to see we were the first ones in. The guests came later that evening; turns out people in Athens like dining later than I’m used to.And now, for the food: we availed of the Degustation Menu 1, which was the most basic set, though after the experience we had, I can’t even imagine it being better. The menu back then cost around 135€+ per person / 200€+ with wine & drink pairing.

Given that we dined here back in 2014, the menu is rather different from their current menu, and the current price for Degustation Menu 1 is around 150€+ per person / 240€+ with wine & drink pairing. I believe they change the menu quite often to ensure diners have a different experience each time.

Though this is the case, let me still give you an overview of some of the dishes we tried, regardless of whether or not it’s still on their menu. The dishes enlisted below are dishes that are a combination of those served to two diners.

Menu Degustation 1

Welcomed by this beautiful stone-plated dish called ‘Salsify in the Soil;’ our server explained that salsify is known as an Oyster-tasting plant. The dish is like a sophisticated version of chips and dip, as the salsify was deep-fried to perfection (with its texture like that of chips), placed on top of fish roe. The flavors dynamically explode in your mouth, which is the perfect starter to the gastronomical adventure ahead, and was one of my favorites from the set. Though already obvious, let me reiterate that the presentation was beautiful.

Salsify in the Soil

The best scallops I’ve tried to date, served with salmon eggs mixed in truffle oil and cream. This was divine, if the description doesn’t already give that away.

Scallop in the Sea
‘Kakavia’ Fish Soup Shabu – Shabu

Baked perfectly, this type of bread dates back to the former Ottoman Empire, and the Cretan buttermilk was flavored on-point.

Koulouri Bread and Cretan Buttermilk

Thrilled to have been presented with a diagram of our main dish: beef cheeks; our served explain the suggested tasting-order for the pairings, which went clockwise. Interestingly enough, every pairing brought out an explosion of a variety of flavors; our favorite ones were the tomato jam and green apple. Again, I loved the presentation!Though we had a few more dishes and palate cleansers, I was too engrossed in this culinary experience that I missed out on taking photos of the other dishes we had.

The desserts we were served with did not fall short of the five-star dishes that preceded it; same goes with its presentation, as seen below. To end the night, they served us truffle chocolates – as if the other dishes were not enough! Dining here has definitely got to be my most adventurous gastronomical experience to date, and adding to this, we were graced with a server who enthusiastically explained each and every dish to us.If you’re planning that trip to the Greek Capital, let me emphasize that you must not miss-out on this spectacular, two-Michelin star experience; it’s definitely worth every cent. Writing and reminiscing about all this makes me want to fly to Greece and try out Funky Gourmet’s new and exciting dishes once more!

Funky Gourmet
13 Paramithias str. and Salaminos
104 35, Athens
Tel: +30 210 5242727