GB Roof Garden, Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens

Located right beside Syntagma Square, the luxurious Hotel Grande Bretagne houses one of the best restaurants in Athens, which offers a fantastic view of the Acropolis, as you can subtly see in the photo above. As obvious as it is that this hotel offers an unrivaled view of Athens and all its glory, let me focus on the other aspects that made our visit to GB Roof Garden fantastic.Upon entering this beautiful hotel, you’ll be taken aback by how the interiors are in contrast to what’s right outside its doors. With its high-end furniture, marble floors, expensive wooden pieces, beautiful lighting, and well-dressed hotel staff to welcome you, you’ll feel like you’re taken back in time with the sophistication and grace the lobby alone exhibits. As soon as you walk through the entrance doors of Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens, you’ll know you’re in for a treat. Taking the elevator up to the top floor, where GB Roof Garden is located, I was immediately stunned to see the restaurant and how cozy the ambience was, while maintaining a classy feel. The lights in common areas were rather dim, but those focused on tables were brighter, making your dining experience herein a tad bit more special. The details down to the glassware and kitchenware exuded of elegance and taste, which made me all the more thrilled to be dining in this beautiful restaurant.


To welcome us, we were served with a complimentary bread basket – with each piece baked to perfection. Usually, when the restaurant we’re dining in serves complimentary bread, we have it as our appetizers and skimp on having to order something from the menu for our starters; but this time, the menu had starters that sounded impeccable, so we refused to miss out on trying at least one of them.Deciding between the International Cheese Selection and Italian Cured Meat Selection, two of our favorites, we went with the latter, which was a delight as we tried each and every sampler. Even the bread sticks that came with it perfectly complemented the meat selection.

Main – From the Grill

For both our mains, we both decided to go with our age-old favorite steaks paired with our choice of side dish and sauce; though do note that there are also options for Pasta & Risotto, Fish, and Poultry.  Going with the Black Angus Rib-Eye and the Beef Tenderloin, we were surprised to find that the Tenderloin had more flavor than the Rib-Eye, which isn’t usually the case when it comes to steaks. Do note, however, that both were juicy, fantastically-flavored, and cooked to perfection, but if I had the chance to go back, I would go with the Tenderloin over the Rib-Eye in this restaurant.

Beef Tenderloin – € 48.00+ (250 gr.)
Black Angus Rib-Eye Steak – € 50.00+ (250 gr.)

For dessert, we were in the mood for something chilled, and went with their Ice Cream and Sorbet selection. Simple when compared to the other options on their dessert menu. Nevertheless, this, too did not disappoint and was the cherry on top of the spectacular dining experience we just had.

Ice Cream & Sorbet Selection (€ 4 / scoop)

Just to add, this was our second to the last night in the city, and we were nearly tempted to go back during our last night; that’s how good it was, though we decided to go for Asian in the end.

That aside, let me tell you that a trip to Athens must entail a dining experience in GB Roof Garden, which will be one of the best restaurants you’ll ever have the chance of dining in. 

GB Roof Garden
Hotel Grande Bretagne
Vasileos Georgiou A 1,
Athina 105 64, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0333 0000