What You Need to Know: Blue Lagoon Iceland

Iceland was never really on my radar until I came across this drone video showcasing the different landscapes the Nordic island nation has to offer. It was then when I realized that our next trip to Europe would have to be centered on this gorgeous country.

Of course, a trip to Iceland wouldn’t be complete without visiting Blue Lagoon, which we planned to do on our first day. Instead of heading straight to Blue Lagoon from the airport, however, we first headed towards our hotel in the middle of Reykjavík to check-in and also, to get a glimpse of the Icelandic capital. We were fortunate that our hotel was located right across the Sculpture & Shore Walk – a walkway by the North Atlantic Ocean that gives you a view of snow-capped mountains from afar.After walking around Reykjavík for bit and grabbing late lunch, we got ready to leave for Blue Lagoon. It was part of the multi-day tour package we got, so it included transfer to and from our hotel. We just had to take note of the pick-up time indicated in our tour vouchers.

Travelling to Blue Lagoon

Transportation: Book your transportation together with your multi-day tour package, through one of the accredited tour agencies or through the Blue Lagoon Website – you can book it together with your entrance tickets. It’s best to do this, as you’ll be spending a fortune if you decide to take a taxi given its distance from Reykjavík.

Travel Time: Located in Grindavík, it is nearly 50km from Reykjavík with an estimated travel time of 40-50 minutes. Traffic is nearly non-existent beyond the center of Reykjavík, so I doubt the travel time would ever be affected by traffic. And fortunately, you’ll be driving through some gorgeous sceneries all throughout the drive, so make sure to keep your eyes open! Entrance Fees:

Pre-booking is required, so make sure you make the arrangements before your trip – either through your tour operators / multi-day package tours or directly with Blue Lagoon. 

Blue Lagoon has different entrance options from Standard to Luxury, which you can find on their website. A tip: get the Standard if you want to save, but don’t forget to bring your own towels!


Upon arriving, you’ll walk past a part of the lagoon that visitors can’t swim in, though this area does have best vantage points, as there are barely any people around.

Quick Facts about Blue Lagoon Iceland:

  1. Blue Lagoon is a man-made attraction that started out as a pool, which formed from the wastewater of the nearby geothermal plant.
  2. Though the pool first formed in 1976, Blue Lagoon wasn’t officially established until 1992.
  3. It’s been featured in several television shows like Amazing Race and Britain’s Next Top Model.

Checking-In: Blue Lagoon Wristbands

At the entrance, you’ll find a queue where guests can check-in. Blue Lagoon has made it so convenient and easy for guests visiting, as they have an incredibly efficient system wherein secure wristbands are given to each guest. This can be used to open your locker and charge your purchases; so you won’t have to lug around your bag or wallet while enjoying the facilities.

Changing Rooms & Lockers

As aforementioned, they provide you with lockers where you can leave all your belongings; but if you have a waterproof camera – don’t forget to bring that! Also, it is important to note that you must thoroughly shower twice: once before the swim and another after the swim. Help keep Blue Lagoon clean and hygienic!

The Hair Issue

I’ve come across several horror stories of people who’ve had their hair turn stiff and difficult to deal with for several days due to the high levels of silica in the water. Fortunately, I had no problems. Either you keep your hair out of the water using a swim cap / hair tie or do what I did and what Blue Lagoon suggests: place tons of conditioner in your hair before you go into the water and leave it on even while you swim.

The showers provide free conditioner, so you can get as much as you want. I submerged my head a bunch of times, but still had no problems with my hair afterwards. After bathing, don’t forget to use the free silica purifying shampoo and again, tons of conditioner. Repeat the process a couple of times to ensure all the silica is expelled and you’ll have no hair issues!

Enjoying Blue Lagoon

It was such a relaxing experience to actually be in the Blue Lagoon given the warm water, and though there were quite a lot of people and there is a distinct sulfuric smell, we enjoyed every minute we basked in the refreshing heat of the lagoon. Also, there’s a lagoon bar where you could get a glass of wine that you could enjoy whilst floating away – again, you just have to get your wristband scanned for it to be charged on your account. 

Dining & Accommodation

Blue Lagoon has two great dining options: the casual Blue Cafe and the much more formal Lava Restaurant; though we only tried the former, you should check out the latter if you have the time and the budget! We definitely will if we ever have the chance to go back, as I heard the view from the inside is spectacular.  Should you have extra time in Iceland and want to spend at least a night in the area of the lagoon, there’s a hotel within a ten-minute walk from the main Blue Lagoon spa that has its own private bathing lagoon. You can click this link for more details. 


Now that your time in this man-made wonder is over, you’ll have to go through the same area where you checked-in to settle your bill and return your wristbands. It’s a seamless process and you’ll be out of there in no time.

As you head for the exit, leading you back to the pathway to where your ride back to the city is waiting, you’ll have the chance to purchase a few Blue Lagoon products that you could bring home: from shampoos to creams, t-shirts to other souvenirs, choose from the wide array of products as you end your trip to Blue Lagoon.

Suggested Visit Duration

While booking your trip, you’ll have to make the necessary arrangements when it comes to transfers for the time to be picked-up and dropped off. I suggest you allot your trip accordingly:

  • 4 hours – including return transfers, without dining; more or less 1 hour in the lagoon
  • 5 hours – including return transfers, with casual dining in Blue Cafe; more or less 1 hour in the lagoon
  • 6.5 hours – including return transfers, with dining in Lava Restaurant; more or less 1 hour in the lagoon

As I end this post, let me leave you with a few last-minute tips:

  1. Go right before sunset so you can see Blue Lagoon both during the day and at night.
  2. Don’t forget your camera; if you have one that’s waterproof, that’s even better!
  3. Bring a towel – only if you purchased the Standard entrance; if otherwise, you don’t need to, as it’ll be provided.
  4. Pack a swim cap / hair tie in case you’d want to secure your hair as mentioned earlier.
  5. And of course, don’t forget to have a great time!

Experiencing Blue Lagoon Iceland is definitely one for the books and will surely be one of the highlights of your trip, so make sure you don’t miss out on it if you’re ever headed to this part of the globe!