Back to the Swiss Alps: Day Trip to Mount Titlis from Zurich by Best of Switzerland Tours

Experiencing snow used to be but a distant dream, yet that dream was fulfilled when I first visited the Swiss Alps a few years back – specifically, in the top of Europe: Jungfrau. Till now, I deem that fateful day as one of the best days of my life, so during our return trip to Switzerland last year, I decided not to pass up on the opportunity to once again see and experience snow. That’s when we came across one of the tours called Titlis – Eternal Snow and Glacier, offered by the hotel we stayed in. Serviced by Best of Switzerland Tours, it takes you two hours from Zurich and to Mount Titlis. For a moment, I thought about returning to Jungfrau given my fantastic experience previously, but decided in the end that it would be better to see a different part of the Alps.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis from Zurich Tour Details:

  • Price (per person) – from US$159
  • Duration – 9 to 10 hours
  • Departure Time – 9:30am, but try to be there at least 15-20 minutes before
  • Departure Point – Sihlquai Bus Terminal
  • Group Size – large; we were around 40-50 in the tour group
  • Not Included in the Price – Meals & Beverages


As a great way to jumpstart the day, the tour takes you from Zurich to Lucerne, one of the most beautifully-picturesque cities in all of Switzerland, and included in the day package is a short guided tour of the city but about an hour’s worth of free time to roam the Old Town.

Continuing on with an already great day, you’ll then proceed to Engelberg, the gateway to Mount Titlis. This is where the cable car route that goes up to Titlis begins, which will give you the ride of your life. Magnificent panoramic views await – be it while you’re still on ground level in Engelberg, or up in the sky as you head up to the summit.

Once you reach the top of Mount Titlis, a winter adventure awaits: a glacier cave, Europe’s highest suspension bridge, the ice flyer, and a glacier park – there’s just so much to do in this Swiss wonderland that’ll surely take your breath away, quite literally and figuratively! As you head back down to Engelberg, and back to Zurich via Lucerne, you’ll once again be rewarded with fantastic sceneries that’ll keep you up throughout the two to three hour drive.


Departure from Sihlquai Bus Terminal

Located right beside Zurich Main Station, the Sihlquai Bus Terminal is within easy walking distance from any part of the city center and the Old Town. Majority of the day tours from the city depart from here, like when we took the Heidiland and Liechtenstein Day Trip from Zurich by Gray Line the day before. The departure time is at 9:30 in the morning, but it’s best to arrive at around nine to ensure you get on the right tour bus, and of course, to get good seats!

Lucerne City Tour

Our first official stop of the day was the charming city of Lucerne, a city I had visited five years prior, which captivated me in an instant and had the very same impact during this visit. Lion Monument

This time, it was part of the tour itinerary to visit the famous Lion Monument, which I didn’t get to see the last time. Completed in the 1800s, this historical monument is representative of the Swiss Guards who sacrificed their lives during the French Revolution in 1792. Beautiful and pure as it is to look at, knowing the history behind it makes it even more significant. Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke)

From the Lion Monument, we were dropped off in the middle of the Old Town. Having been here previously, I knew where to return to for the best sights; so we decided to go to the oldest wooden bridge in all of Europe – one of Lucerne’s main attractions, also known locally as Kapellbrücke.It sits atop River Reuss overlooking the gorgeous Old Town.Old Town

The quaint little Old Town of Lucerne is yet another area every visitor should take time exploring. Upon every turn, you’ll be graced with gorgeous buildings and alleyways, making it a must-visit while in the city. 

The Drive to Engelberg

After enjoying the city of Lucerne, we headed towards the main highlight of the tour. Once again, just as you would feel had you driven through anywhere else in Switzerland, the views did not disappoint. 

Engelberg – Mount Titlis


Finally, after a forty-minute drive from Lucerne, we arrived in the Alpine town of Engelberg, the gateway to the Swiss Alps – particularly Mount Titlis. Even before exiting the bus and seeing the grand scenery that stood before us through the glass windows, I knew we were in for one of the greatest experiences. The Ride to the Summit

It is in Engelberg where we began our ascent to Mount Titlis. There are three rides: one and two are in cable cars that take a total of about twenty to thirty minutes to where you’ll later switch rides in, respectively called Trübsee and Stand. Every cable car can ride about four to six people. If you’re lucky like we were, you’ll get the cable car all to yourselves. And this is where you’ll get unparalleled views of the grandeur that Switzerland has to offer.  After the twenty to thirty minute ride on board the cable cars, you’ll switch at Stand and get on the Rotair – the rotating cable car, where we stood with several other people, unlike the previous ones where we had it all to ourselves. No issues here though, as it takes just about ten minutes. For those who have motion sickness, don’t be too worried about the cable car rotating, as it does in a steady manner and won’t make too much of an impact. Besides, you’ll be graced with panoramic views, so you might be too busy admiring everything before you.As we finally reached the summit, we were presented with several activities to choose from.Listed below is how we did the activities in order, and I believe it’s the best way to make the most out of your time in Mount Titlis.

Glacier Cave

The Glacier Cave feels like an ice castle, very well reminding me of the Ice Palace in Jungfrau. Make sure you wear good shoes, or you’ll end up slipping a few times… like I did – not only in the glacier cave, but out in the snow as well! Cliff Walk – Europe’s Highest Suspension Bridge

To get to the Cliff Walk, I suggest instead of going straight up to the fifth level, you exit the Glacier Cave, which will lead you to a set of outdoor stairs that’ll ultimately take you to the Cliff Walk. And why should you do this, you may ask? So you can get fantastic views like this.The Cliff Walk provides an thrilling experience, but not all too nerve-wracking. Ice Flyer

Included in the fee of the tour aside from the Cliff Walk is the Ice Flyer, that takes you to the Glacier Park. The ride itself is absolutely enjoyable and once again provides great views of Titlis and its surroundings. Glacier Park

At the glacier park, there’s a slope where you could slide down via the park’s complimentary equipment, namely: fun balancers, snake gliss or minibobs. We tried the minibobs, and that might have been one of the most thrillingly exciting things I have done to date!Note that while we were there at the end of summer, we enjoyed fresh snow while skies were clear, as you might have noticed in the previous photos; come late afternoon, however, the fog had settled in, but it was just in time as we only had about half an hour more to spend at the summit. 

Dining Options: 2nd & 3rd Levels

The rest of our time in Mount Titlis was spent devouring sweets, namely: pie & ice cream. They have several options for dining on the 2nd and 3rd levels whether you want a few snacks or full-blown meals. This, however, isn’t part of the tour, so make sure you bring extra cash or cards for that!The Ride Down the Summit

Since our time up in the Alps wasn’t guided and we had the freedom to do our own thing at our own time, we also had the responsibility to arrive back in Engelberg at a certain time, which I think will be the case for everyone else doing group tours, so make sure you begin your descent to Engelberg from the summit of Mount Titlis an hour before your agreed-upon meet-up time at Engelberg. This way, the 45-minute (in total) ride will be enjoyed in a relaxed manner. You would want it this way anyway, if you were to see these out-of-this-world sights.  By the time we arrived in Engelberg, we had a few more minutes to spare, where we spent our remaining moments enjoying the beauty of this Alpine village. 

Back to Zurich via Lucerne

The drive back to Zurich is done via Lucerne – without a stop in the city though, but just the same, the sceneries you’ll pass by are marvelous. The end of the tour will leave you back in the Sihlquai Bus Terminal by six or seven in the evening. And you’re there in summer, it’s just in time for you to enjoy golden hour in Zurich. 

To wrap this up, let me leave you with a brief note: if you have or haven’t been to the Swiss Alps, book this tour if you have the chance! This is how much I enjoyed it. My experience in Mount Titlis was even far better than my experience in Jungfrau, as I felt that there was much more to do in the former. Then again, you might as well do both if you had the luxury of time and budget. 

So again, if you’re contemplating whether or not book this tour, stop thinking and get booking; and you’ll surely have one of the best and most magical days of your life!