5 Reasons to Visit Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town

Kirstenbosch, located in Cape Town, is one of South Africa’s most prized attractions and is deemed as one of the world’s most beautiful botanic gardens. So when we visited Cape Town mid this year, we made sure we got to visit not once, but twice. 

How to Get There from the City Centre:


The best way to get to Kirstenbosch is via Uber. Located approximately 13-15km from the city center, depending where you’re staying exactly, it’ll cost you R120-170 or US$8-12. Uber is the quickest & most convenient way to not only get you to gardens, but almost anywhere in the city – it was our main means of transportation during our 3-week stay! 
You can get dropped-off at the Visitors’ Centre – Gate 1, and you’ll be greeted by the ticket counter, pictured below. They have an ATM machine too, should you need to withdraw cash.  
There’s also Vida-e Café to the left side of the entrance, as well as a souvenir shop right beside the courtyard you’ll pass through before the main entrance. 

Note: another option to get here is via the buses of City Sightseeing and Golden Arrow, which make a stop at the gardens several times during the day. Since we didn’t get to do this option, I can’t provide much information about it. 

Entrance Fee | Operating Hours: 

Details for the entrance fees and operating hours as obtained from Kirstenbosch’s official website, are noted as follows. 

Entrance Fee 

  • Adults: R75
  • South African Students (with student card): R40
  • Scholars/Learners (6 – 17 years): R20
  • Children under 6 years: Free
  • BotSoc members (with membership card): Free
  • South African Senior Citizens (with ID): Free on Tuesdays except on public holidays
  • Buy garden entry tickets online at WebTickets.

Operating Hours

  • Daily – 08h00 to 19h00 during summer (Sep-Mar); 08h00 to 18h00 during winter (Apr-Aug)
  • Conservatory – Daily from 09h00 to 17h00

5 Reasons to Visit Kirstenbosch:

Now, onto the main purpose of this post: to showcase the gorgeous sights in Kirstenbosch, which I am encapsulating in five reasons why I believe this National Botanical Garden is one that must not be missed. 

1) Spanning through over 1,300 acres, there are hundreds of different plant species to see and learn about.
Most of them, you can only find in this particular area in the whole world – and sometimes, even during specific timings of the season. There’s also an in-house Conservatory that exhibits the different ecological regions in southern Africa. 

2) There are a number of areas to dine & lounge around in while inside Kirstenbosch, offering options such as having brunch in Moyo (pictured below) or having afternoon coffee / tea in the Tea Room Restaurant, and so on.

More importantly, you can even have a picnic, if you’re not willing to spend extra in a cafe or restaurant.
Simply bring a basket of goodies from the supermarket and a picnic mat, where you can lounge around in & you’re set for a few hours, or however long you’d want to stay!
You can also stay in one of the many benches scattered throughout Kirstenbosch.

Here’s one of the many areas in the gardens that you can relax in, while not only taking the gardens, but with a glimpse of the city from afar. 

3) Tree Canopy Walkway – my favorite part in the Botanical Garden, as it gives you a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding areas.


4) You get a majestic up close view of Table Mountain.
It’s one thing to see it from afar, but another to see it within a closer proximity, and that is what Kirstenbosch offers, as it sits by the easter slopes of Table Mountain – absolutely breathtaking. There are stunning landscapes throughout every route or pathway you take while in Kirstenbosch.
Also, trails are available that lead up to the mountain that start in Kirstenbosch, one of which I would love to try hiking up, if we’re ever blessed with a trip back. 
5) Lastly: Kirstenbosch is a great break away from the city & your jam-packed itinerary.   
Visiting Kirstenbosch during the start and end of our trip gave us a great introduction to the city, as well as a fantastic trip-ender. It was a great way to just settle our excitement during the beginning of our trip and to close our South African adventure with a laid-back & relaxing stroll around the gardens. 
Truly, as the photos have proved so – although I cannot stress enough that photos will never do the beauty of a place justice – Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden definitely is a sight to behold and must never be missed if you’re in South Africa. I highly recommend that if you were to visit, save a few hours or even a whole day to visit Kirstenbosch, so you can truly appreciate and experience every facet of the gardens. I’ve said it in previous posts: Cape Town remains to be my favorite city in the world, and Kirstenbosch is one of the reasons for that!